Poems by Category :- Love lost or ending

..yeah.. - Luc 10-14-03 - Andrew Gasca
5 Months Down The Drain..... - Britney A Breathless Air - PoisonIvy
A Broken Heart - Mechelle.S.Loraine A Chance Can Make A Difference - Sweet Sara
A Hurt That Grows - Clive B Ringshall A Love - SH
A Loverís Lament - Mark Spencer A Memory - Jackie C
A Memory - Silent Voice A Memory Back Then - Clive B Ringshall
A Night To Remember - Vampyr Lost In Love A Tear For Angela - RubyDragon
Again Love Goes - Shira Alas My Love! - Karla Bardanza
All Alone - Eric Miller All Of A Sudden You Went Away - Christina D
All Over But The Crying - LCN Almost - Russ Rhoe
Alone In The Rain - Shiloh Already Gone - Jackie C
Always And Forever - Keith Angel's Tears - Luke Christopher
Another Hit - Bizza Another Wasted Kiss - Keri K Zeiser
Aside - Sicklust At Night - Clive B Ringshall
Be Gone - Willahh Beauty Ending - Tarna
Black Rose - Kealsye N J Fahey Blind - LinzAy
Blind Love - PoisonIvy Blue Eyes Cold - Sax
Break Up - Justus Isaiah Richardson Broken Glass - Pondering Red
Broken Love - LinzAy Broken Stale Heart For Sale - Fallen_Angel
By Heart I Know - Devilyangelic Bye My Love - Clive B Ringshall
Calling 797-2238 - Shiloh Casualties Of War - Mark Spencer
Chainge In Heart - Miztrebor Christmas Dinner - LinzAy
Climbing Just To Fall 2 - LinzAy Closure - Very Shy
Cold Flame - LinzAy Come Back - Clive B Ringshall
Confused - Daisy Cry Me A River - Tammy
Cryin' - Erin Crying Out For You - Heaven
Curtain Calls - Dreamer Cutting My Knees - LinzAy
Damaged Goods - Catyrose Damn It - Scurrd
Dance Of Despair - Vampyr Tears Dancing Upon The Peices - LinzAy
Darkness - Hugs Darling Angel, Farewell - Nicola J Steel
Darling, Come Back To Me - Del Days End - Brian Strunk
Dearest Love - Series100 Desire For Fire - Miztrebor
Dig Me A Hole - Marion Carroll Disappointed In Myself - LinzAy
Disloyal. - Sicklust Divorce / My Statement - LisaMarie
Do You Ever - Don't Be Fooled. - mArLeNe
Don't Turn Away - LinzAy Done - V1NC3
Doormat Bullseye - LinzAy Dying In Her Memory - William Bill Jones
Embers - LinzAy Embryo - Terrie*
Empty Inside - Devilyangelic Ending Love - Scorpio
Even The Mighty Lion Bleeds - Don Fraser Face - Hunter
Face Of An Angel, Wings Of A Dove - Robbie Aroneck Faded Memories - Bloody Mary
Falling Apart - LinzAy Falling Apart - Clive B Ringshall
Falling Away - Stacy False Love And Passion - Scorpio
Farewell - Hugs Final Desire - Mental
First And Last - Forgotton Sorrows Flee Love - Anjali Thapa
For Jason - Bench Forever Love - Dreamer
Forever Waiting - Eryemil Forever Will Hurt - LinzAy
Free Yourself - mArLeNe Frozen Eradella - LinzAy
Get Back Hgme - Devilyangelic Get Over This - Miztrebor
Giving My Heart More Credit Than It Deserves - LinzAy Going Thru The Motions - LCN
Gone - Stephanie Goodbye - Miztrebor
Goodbye - Britney Goodbye To Rainbows - Mark Spencer
Goodbye With A Tear - Britney Grown - Bizza
Had A Dream - LinzAy Haiku 13 - Elizabeth Squires
Have You Ever - Nathan Ortberg Heart - Rachel J
Heartbroken - Taylor James Her Dream Is To Live In Inverloch - Francis Duggan
Here We Are Now - Vampyr Lost In Love High Tide - Red Dragon (Bernz)
Him - Serenity His Arms Soiled - Elizabeth Squires
His Little Play Toy - Del Holding Back - Stephanie
How Could You - Natalia How Do We Live.. - Moonstarshine
How Hard It Is - BrianV How We Used To Be - WilTheThrill
I Am Okay - Brittany Walker I Call You Nime - Kimberly
I Can Find Peace, Can You? - Miztrebor I Can Still Remember - LilyCantana
I Do, I Would - Erin I Don't - Sicklust
I Gave You My Most - Clive B Ringshall I Had To Walk Away - Leah06
I Invite You Out Of My Heart - SweetVenom I Know - Davey Boy
I Lost - Clive B Ringshall I Lost The Touch Of His Heart... - Terrie*
I Love It When You Smile - Ing Twi Demalah I Miss You - Nikkdizzle
I Never Want To Feel Like Did That Day - WilTheThrill I Own A Phone - Webster
I Remember - Marion Carroll I Remember - Tammy
I Remember The Night / I Remember The Sunrise - Mental I Spoke - Teresa Ortberg
I Talk To The Night - Ing Twi Demalah I Think But Do Not Know - Christian V
I Want To Breathe. - Icytears I Want You Here - Sweet_Suicide
I Want You Out Of My Heart - SweetVenom I Will - Bizza
I Will Find You - Bizza I Wish You Only Love - Marion Carroll
I'd Rather Be Lonesome - Agatha Weeks I'll Be There For You - Jeremy Morzos
I'll Never - Erin I'll See You Again - Clive B Ringshall
I've Let You Go - Taylor James Ice Queen - LinzAy
Icy Path - Pondering Red If I Could I Would - LinzAy
If I Knew - Clive B Ringshall If I Should Someday Just Walk Away - Terrie*
Illusion Of Mist - Pondering Red Im Glad Your Gone - FoRsAkEn
Im Sorry But.. - FoRsAkEn Imaginary Whisper Of A Heart Beat - Fallen_Angel
In A Daze - Clive B Ringshall In Dream - Tammy
In Me - Irina In Memory Of You - Faith
In My Heart And Mind Forever You Will Stay - In My Heart You Will Always Stay - Angel In Tears
In Tha End - Melissa In Time - Clive B Ringshall
Inside - Alicia Is That Love? - LinzAy
It Can Be Hard - WilTheThrill It Was All Just A Dream - Tiffany
It's Over - Crimson Angel Jami - Toni D
Just In Case - BabyGirl Keep Love's Candle Burning - Tim Kitchen
Kiss Goodbye - Sweet_Suicide Kissed By A Butterfly - Marion Carroll
Last Time...last Summer - Angel In Tears Last Waltz - LAR
Let Go - LinzAy Let Go - LinzAy
Let Me - Lily Letting Go - Natalia
Letting Go - Letting Him Go - Terrie*
Lied - Emerald Life's Dream - Brett
Like A Light - Mere Linda's Perfect Boring Ex Husband - Francis Duggan
Listen To My Thoughts - Tammy Living My Dream - LinzAy
Lock And Key - LinzAy Locked In A Cell - Elizabeth Squires
Lonesome - Mukhthar Longing For Drool - Kerry
Looking Out My Window - ShyHeart Lost & Broken - Jorjette
Lost In A World - Tammie Groat Lost Love - Renee Houdek
Lost Love - Udiah Lost Love - Vampyr Lost In Love
Lost Love - Bizza Lost Love - Newage Caveman
Lost Love Street - Fallen_Angel Lost Trust - Clive B Ringshall
Love - Korie Poleo Love - C. Scott
Love And Social Class... - Hazem Al Jaber Love By The Sea - Vampyr Tears
Love Can Leave A Permanent Scar: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Love Doesn't Make Sense - LinzAy
Love In Her Heart - JMarshall Love Needs Love - Clive B Ringshall
Love Of Mine - Terrie Lavelle Love Went Away - Willahh
Love Went Away - Willahh Love Will Never Die - PoisonIvy
Love's Thorn - Elizabetta Loved And Lost - Mark Spencer
Lover's Lament - Stacy Lover's Lane - Capricorn
Loving And Waiting - Shorty Lullaby - Shelbie Anderson
Madana Mohana Murari - Karla Bardanza Matter Of Fact - Pondering Red
Mementos - Elizabeth Squires Memories - AnGel EyEs
Middle Lane Express Train - Ben Franklin Missing You - Sweet_Suicide
Missing You - Christina L Pineda More In Me - LinzAy
My Angel In Disguise - Desiree My Curse - Mark Spencer
My Final Words - Shorty My Heart - Catyrose
My Lonely Nights - Bad Romance My Lost Love - GemeniTwun
My Love - Faye My Love - Forgotton Sorrows
My Own Tulip - Elizabetta My Own Voice - Devilyangelic
My Wonderful Mistake - Shira Navigating The Labyrinth Of Love: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
Need To Know - Taylor James Never Know - LinzAy
Never Stop Loving - Clive B Ringshall Night Sky - LinzAy
No Strings Attached - SweetVenom Not In Love - Tricia
Not Let Go - Udiah Not The Man I'm Looking For - LCN
Old Tales - Christian V One For Sharon - RubyDragon
One Minute Past Midnight... - LAR One Small Nail - Pondering Red
One Year After - Jughead Only A Heartbeat Away - Tammy
Only You - LinzAy Open You're Heart - Clive B Ringshall
Our Hearts - LinzAy Outside The Coffee Shop - WilTheThrill
Overplayed Sunrise - Mental Pain Of Angels - Daniel Luther Myers
Painfully I Set You Free - Terrie* Patsy June - Shiloh
Raindrops Of Love - Leah06 Reality - Keith
Reckless Lover - Leah06 Regret - LinzAy
Rejection - Andrew James Ball Residual - Tanean Schaller
Revenge (not) So Sweet - Shelbie Anderson Salt - Stella
Scared - Brenda Gisell Garza Search - Daniel Luther Myers
Self Made Man - David -Doc- Byron Shades Of Blue - Tarna
Shattered Glass Heart - Fallen_Angel Showdown - LAR
Silence Is Deafening - Miztrebor Silently - Charmaine
Silver Snake - Pondering Red Sleep By My Side Again - Clive B Ringshall
So Alone - Seizure So Alone - Seizure
So Long - Billie Some People - Kat
Someday - Gemma_13 Someone - Devilyangelic
Someone Else Has Stolen Your Heart - LisaMarie Sometimes Its Too Late - Susannah
Spell - Angel In Tears Ss Jesse - Tricia
Stan Whose Wife Left Him For A Woman - Francis Duggan Still -
Still - Clive B Ringshall Still Mine - Hippiechic21
Stubborn - LinzAy Sung Through Tears - LinzAy
Suspended - Rick Ryckman Tangled Hearts - Sandra Lee
Tears In The Rain - Mark Spencer Tell Him My Time Is Flying - Karla Bardanza
That Day - Kat The Answer - Webster
The Cries Of My Heart - StarlightDreamer The Curtain Falls - Marion Carroll
The Day I Lost My Heart - Sheetswa The Day That I Died - Shorty
The End - LinzAy The End Of The Affair - Helen
The Final Chapter, Of Our Hearts - Mark Spencer The Final Chapter, Of Our Hearts - ShyHeart
The Girl I Knew - Don Fraser The Girl Without A Face - Leah06
The Greatest Love Of All - Charmaine The Letter - Dolphin Chick
The Life I Lead - Seizure The Lost Soul - Ryan M Holden
The Love We Share - BrianV The Loves Of Rosita - Francis Duggan
The Memories Are All We Have Left - Megan The Pain Of Love - Jeremy Morzos
The Player - Britney The Policy Of Truth - Karla Bardanza
The Price I Paid - Charmaine The Red Haired Goddess - AprilRosedw
The Same - LinzAy The Shadow Of Death - Mark Spencer
The Silence - Dreamer The Tears I Cry - Dreamer
The Three Most Popular Words In The World! - Colin Stewart The Way It Seemed -
There's Still Room For You - Ben Laney These Things I Will Yearn And Miss - Terrie*
They Dont See - Bizza This Fire - Tammy
This Is My Last Goodbye - Tammy This Time - Tarna
Thoughts Without Wings - Anjali Thapa Three More Words - Keith
Through The Forest - Pondering Red Till The End - Rosenarie Mediante
To Donny And Marissa - Christa To Love The Girl You Never Saw - Kadhir
To My Only Love - Heaven To Wait - Pinky Mcflip
Tomorrow - Bizza Tonight I Die - Clive B Ringshall
Too Late For You - Crush Me Took My Breath Away - Shiloh
Treasures Lost - Hunter True Love Comes In Many Contacts - Susannah
Tunnel Vision - Thia Unbearable Love - Angel On The Edge
Unchanged - Charmaine Unshed Tears - Stacey
Unspoken Words " I Love You " - Tammy Untitled - Divine
Untitled - Aubrey Waiting For The Wind To Shake Me - SweetVenom
Wanting You - Leah06 Warning Signs - Diaos
Weak For You - LinzAy Weren't Meant To Be - Taylor James
What Do I Do - Bizza What Do You Do - Dolphin Chick
What Night Sky Am I Under? - Mental What Will Never Be - C. Scott
What Would It Take - The Unrequited Dream Whatever - Scorpio
When I Close My Eyes - When I Lost You - Bizza
When The End Comes - Dreamer When You Left Me Here... - WilTheThrill
When, We Are, A Lone - ShyHeart Where A Broken Heart Goes - Ing Twi Demalah
Where Did The Love Go? - Elizabeth Squires Why Did You Leave - Brett
Windy Night - Anjali Thapa With A Song In Mind - Clive B Ringshall
With Four Simple Words - Vampyr Lost In Love With You - Lola
With You Again - Ing Twi Demalah Worthwhile - Seizure
Wrong - LinzAy Yesterday's Poem - LinzAy
You - Ashley Justice You And Me - Keith
You And Me - Maranda Berkley You Broke Me - Sam #1
You Can't - Tammy You Don't Seem To Mind - Pamela O'Brien
You Have Someone New - LisaMarie Your Eyes That Followed - Mental
Your Soul Mate - Mark Spencer Your Touch -

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