Poems by Category :- Suicidal Thoughts

12-31-84 - 1-1-04 - 12-31-84 - 1-1-04 - Everett
24 Pills And A Night I'll Never Forget - Shan ?'s - Batafish22
A Cry In The Night - Dreamer A Life - Ashley R
A Life Now Done - The Lost Girl A Pill Or Two - Taylor James
A Suicidal Prayer - LCN A World That's Turned It's Back On Me - Megan
Afraid - Kali An Angel Of Flesh And Blood - Anjali Thapa
An End - Dreamer Another Evening, Another Sunrise - Sax
Baby Of Mine - Amber H Barely Breathing - Angelina
Battlefield Of Death - Dark Priestess Because Of You - Alisa
Beckon Of Suicide - Crimson Angel Broken Pavement - Seizure
Bye - Kali Can't Help What I Do - Taylor James
Can't Say Good-bye - KristyD. Cannot Deal - Sarah Taurus
Crash And Burn - Sax Dark - Jerry
Dear Nadia - mArLeNe Death Didn't Succeed - Taylor James
Death's Sweet Lullaby - Mike Depression Takes Over - Stephanie
Down - Ghost End - Kami
End - Part 2 - Kami Enjoy My Funeral - Holly
Faint - PoeticDemon Final Note - Coma
Final Tear - Seizure Finally - Tzuhsi
For Old Times Sake - Taylor James Give Up - PoeticDemon
Go Call My Sons Together - Shiloh Good Byes - Kealsye N J Fahey
Goodbye - Eric Miller Goodbye - Zach
Goodbye World Good Riddance - tommyg Happy Birthday - Shiloh
Her Suicide - KristyD. How It Is - Mere
Hurt - Angelo I Want It Shorter - Dolphin Chick
I'll Hand You The Knife - Mental Killing Me - Ryan
Killing Their Own - Maddy Laid To Rest - The Lost Girl
Left To Kill - Emm Life - Ashley Worlow
Life Through A Bully's Eye's - Taylor James Lifeless - Angelina
Look At Me Fly - Dave Look At What You've Done!! - Taylor James
Lost - Ghost Love Like Suicide - Razors Blood
Midnight Kill - Mental My Daughter's Friend - Mark Spencer
My Death - Squishi_04 My Story - Ryan
My Suicide Note - Tzuhsi Never Again - Moonlight
No Love - HeadInTheClouds Not My Time - PoeticDemon
Not Right Now - Mere One Of These Days - Diaos
Oozing To Death - SweetVenom Outside Looking In - Seizure
Overdose To Salvation - Fallen_Angel Pain - Cynthia Lima
Pain - Carrie Painful Suicide - Kami
Perfect Place - Seizure Please Forgive Me - Tammy
Please God Forgive Me - Tzuhsi Pleasure In My Pain - Lonlyrockstar
Release - FoRsAkEn Riding Destiny - Rick Ryckman
Sadness - Crimson Angel Sadness Untitled - Tricia
Shattered - Tzuhsi She Isn't What She Seems - Amber H
She Tried - Damia Stareing At Me - Ryan
Suicidal Dreams - Mental Suicidal Protege - Mental
Suicidal Tendencies - Melissa L Suicidal Tendicies - BrOoKiE
Suicide - Hate Life Suicide - Ryan
Suicide - Mike Suicide - Scorpio
Suicide - Damia Suicide - tommyg
Suicide Is Boring - tommyg Suicide Letter - Holly A. Badolato
Suicide Note - Tonya Suicide Notes - Mental
Sweet Suicide - Tzuhsi The Cabin - Don Fraser
The Desk Of Life Or Death - Fallen_Angel The Exit Door - Catyrose
The Floor - Angelina The Story Of Jason - Ashley R
The Way Life Is Supposed To Be - mArLeNe This Is My Goodbye Letter - Fallen_Angel
This Is The Day - Kami This Strange Thought - Dark Priestess
Those Words - Taylor James Three Years Ago - Holly A. Badolato
Tiffany - Kodi Times End - Series100
Tis A Day - Elizabeth Squires To Easily Take My Life - Mental
Too Late - Melisa Miller Tortured Soul - Dija Abernathy
Troubled Minds - Marilyn A F Longfellow Tug Of Death - Mike
Under The Tracks.... - Taylor James Untitled - Angelo
Where There Was Life, There's Nothing At All - The Lost Girl Will You Cry - Morgan
You Can Do It - SCSnicoleSCS You Think I'm Happy... - SCSnicoleSCS
You'll Never Know - Shira Your Daughter - Heaven

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