The Story Of Your Life
Author: Marion Carroll


Life is a scrapbook of memories, a bittersweet tome of our past.
A journey recorded in our hearts, from the very first page, to the last.

As we scan the pages of our days, and remember our life stories,
we discover that our trials were what led to all our glories.

Life in an ongoing process. We are put here to learn and grow.
The limits we put upon ourselves, are the only true ones, we'll know.

Our future is a still mystery, unknown pages, with empty space.
What choices will we make, that will soon be on display?

Will our past teach us a lesson? Will we have the faith to explore
the depths of our very own hearts? Do we retreat or ask for more?

Do we challenge ourselves to be the best, or hope that nobody sees,
that our fears have destroyed what's left of ourselves, and our possibilities?

Do we gather what is beautiful, and keep that as a momento?
Or do we darken the sheaves with pain and hate, that deafens in crescendo?

Life is a constant surprise, that comes in a brown paper wrapper.
There are no instructions inside, just responses of sorrow and laughter.

How many more chapters will you write, until you have finally learned,
that the better you are to yourself, the less you will get burned?

When will you see that you're already whole, a spirit already complete?
How would you live; what would you give, if you only were half, or a peice?

The gifts we are given to start with, are all that we need to become,
everything that we can imagine. So remember this rule of thumb:

God made you precious, and unique. No one else, can be who you are.
Write the story of your life, so that love will fill each part.

Will you write a happy ending, or will the ink be stained by tears?
Will others be blessed when they read about the story of your years?

The choice is always yours to make. The pen is held in your fingers.
From cover to cover, fill your pages, with memories that linger.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Catyrose ( -- Tuesday, February 28 2006, 02:20 am


I really enjoyed reading this poem. I love your outlook on life. This poem is VERY empowering. Thanks for sharing.
MC ( -- Tuesday, February 28 2006, 03:59 am

Thank you

This one just came pouring out of me this morning.
anonymous ( -- Tuesday, February 28 2006, 09:45 am


Ya, we do have alot of chaptors in our life time. For those lucky enough to live a life time. I'm looking forward to the next chaptor. Retirement, and it's coming faster then I want. Thanks for the nice poem Marion, hope your next chaptor will be a good one.
Angel in Tears ( -- Tuesday, February 28 2006, 11:03 pm


Congratulations on a wonder piece of writing. You know, you are right, we do write our futures, but then what happens to fate? Sometimes, when a book is written, and the writer tries to publish it, some chapters are less appealing, so we never get to read them. They are never published. Should they be?? I'm wondering how excited could you become, unless your very positive, if you received something wrapped in brown wrapper, opposed to a shiny one? It's all an illusion, that we create, I guess. Hmm...trailing thoughts...Great poem! It really is...
MC ( -- Wednesday, March 1 2006, 01:23 am

To Anonymous

All my chapters are good, because I choose to see it that way. Pain and sorrow is a part of life; sometimes, it's self inflicted, and hopefully you learn from it. And if you choose to be happy, and share that with everyone you meet, you cannot help but attract joy into your own life. I hope your retirement is a time of great peace and relaxation for you. Enjoy!
MC ( -- Wednesday, March 1 2006, 02:16 am

Angel in Tears

Thanks for your observations and your compliment. Fate brings the challenges into our lives that make us what we are meant to become. It doesn't matter what happens to us, only what we do about it. The worth of a gift isn't determined by it's wrapping; it's care and responsibility, are transferred from the giver to the receiver. We make the choice to either be real or create an illusion, and our choices will bring us happiness or pain. It took me a few years (ok, almost 50!) to learn all this!! ;)
Tammy ( -- Thursday, March 16 2006, 06:56 pm


This poem here is amazing, truly a master piece you have shared!
MC ( -- Thursday, March 16 2006, 07:40 pm

Thank you, Tammy

I let someone "steal my thunder" for nearly 20 years, and it took me a long time to realize, that I wasn't a victim, that I had allowed that to happen, that I always had choices. I don't want anyone to think, that I think I am perfect, because I'm so not and I truly know it. I made many mistakes along the way. Harder than forgiving him, was forgiving myself and owning my rights to be me, and all that I want to be. Every new day is a blank page in the manuscript of our lives, and we are the ones who write our own stories. There is so much power in that knowledge. We here, are all just sharing what we feel, what we know, what we hope and fear. If my words help anyone, I'm pleased. God knows the words you all have shared have blessed me. Thanks again.
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