Marion Carroll's Writings

Ode To He Who Walks On 2 Feet 01/12/2007 (Friendship)
Fortress Heart 01/03/2007 (Fantasy)
I'm His For The Taking 01/03/2007 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Cat Lamentation 12/28/2006 (Animals)
Heroes, All Around 11/21/2006 (Military and War)
Pain Reliever 11/14/2006 (Infatuation)
The Curtain Falls 10/25/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Unwilling 10/18/2006 (Addictions)
The Heart Of Her Marine 10/16/2006 (Heart Touching)
Daughter Of The Man 09/20/2006 (Death - tribute)
My Son Returns 09/18/2006 (Military and War)
Equal And Opposite Effect 08/27/2006 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
He Always Believes In You 08/22/2006 (Faith)
What Truly Makes You Great 08/21/2006 (Inspirational and Strength)
A Better World 08/06/2006 (Military and War)
A Prayer, Oh Lord 08/02/2006 (Military and War)
Random Beauty 08/01/2006 (Life Journeys)
I Remember 07/20/2006 (Love lost or ending)
I Shall 07/15/2006 (Friendship)
John Foster's Sonnets 07/09/2006 (Feelings)
God's Best Laid Plan 07/08/2006 (Family)
I Believe In Our Freedom 07/04/2006 (Patriotism)
Dream Weaver 07/01/2006 (Betrayal)
Pandora's Box 07/01/2006 (Life Lessons)
Kissed By A Butterfly 06/28/2006 (Love lost or ending)
The Card Game 06/27/2006 (Life Lessons)
When Angels And Demons Collide 06/22/2006 (Short Stories - poetic)
The Day They Both Said
04/04/2006 (Marriage)
A Few Thoughts About Women
And Their Bodies....
03/29/2006 (Short Stories - humorous)
Beloved Immortal 03/27/2006 (Inspirational and Strength)
Angel In Tears 03/20/2006 (Abuse)
Love Is Always There 03/15/2006 (Inspirational and Strength)
Avenging Angel 03/10/2006 (Military and War)
The Story Of Your Life 02/27/2006 (Self Discovery)
Love Sets You Free 02/27/2006 (Relationships)
For My Daddy 02/24/2006 (Death - tribute)
Silence 02/24/2006 (Understanding)
This Angel 02/21/2006 (Family)
I Wish You Only Love 02/19/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Dig Me A Hole 02/17/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Reflections Of A Soldiers Mom 02/05/2006 (Military and War)
He Is My Destiny 02/04/2006 (Love - waiting for)
Your Love Brought Me Home 02/02/2006 (Romantic - Romance)
I Love The Skin I'm In 01/26/2006 (Life Journeys)
Celestial Wishing Well 01/25/2006 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Oh, Did You Know? 12/26/2005 (Love - passionate)
Hearts Bouquet 12/22/2005 (Love - just beginning)

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