Poems by Category :- Inspirational and Strength

15 Months - Stacey A Different Perspective - Pamela O'Brien
A Dreamer's Creed - Dreamer A Helping Hand - Capricorn
A Mother's Ashes Speaks To Her Children - ShyHeart A New Day - Bipedalguy
A Person That Inspires - Barbara Goodhew A Poem To Smile - LinzAy
A Prayer To Share - Del A Prayer To Share - Del
A Real Woman - Marcia Gonzalez A Single Voice - Dreamer
Acceptance - Barbara Goodhew Acceptance - Barbara Goodhew
Advice - Farea All Along & After All - Itai Blank
Almost There - Leah Angel Prayer - Lucinda Lee Tinsley
Art - Meridian Zuriel As We Pass Him By - ShyHeart
Attitude - C. Scott Attitude - 2 - Barbara Goodhew
Autumn Walk, In Leaves Of Gold - ShyHeart Basics - Melanie Washington
Being The Invincible - Leah06 Beloved Immortal - Marion Carroll
Beyond - Don Fraser Breakin' From A Coma Of Darkness - Terrie*
Breath Of Life - Seizure Cannot Perfect Imperfection - Meridian Zuriel
Comfort In Unfamiliar Places - Pamela O'Brien Continue The Journey (as A Nation) - Meridian Zuriel
Coping - Barbara Goodhew Crossroads - Dreamer
Cutting A New Course - Miztrebor Decieve-believe - Terrie*
Dedicated To The Men I Love/loved - Terrie* Defining Moments - Dreamer
Designer Leaf - Webster Determination - Barbara Goodhew
Determination - Barbara Goodhew Determined I Have To Be - Hope
Determined I Shall Be - Hope Don't Let Them All Win - tommyg
Doubts - Barbara Goodhew Dream - A Noun - Dreamer
Echo Music - Shan Enlightenment Of Impact - Miztrebor
Fear - Jenny Fighting Back - Barbara Goodhew
Flow Of Poetic Inspiration - Kuldipsinh Jadeja Bhimkatta Flowers Of Hope - Chris G Vaillancourt
Forgetting The Past - Barbara Goodhew Freedom's Candle - DreamWeaver
Freedomís Room - ShyHeart Garden In My Heart - Del
Giving A Nudge - Barbara Goodhew Go On - Ben Franklin
God Send An Angel - Sharita God's Light - Nikki Pee
Good Morning - Marilyn A F Longfellow Greatness - Luke Christopher
Grow Old With Me - Terrie* Guided By The Heart That Loved Me - Terrie*
Guiding Light - Capricorn Guiding Light - Emilee
Happy - Ben Franklin Happy Should Men Be - Farea
Hardwork - Barbara Goodhew Have Faith - Del
He Is Much More Than A Friend - Terrie* Heart Touches - Dreamer
Heart's Truth - Dreamer Here To Stay - Meridian Zuriel
High Expectations - Pamela O'Brien Hold On Another Day - Ben Laney
Hope Chest - Dalene I Called To The Heavens - Princess Moon
I Can Still Guide You - Mental I Cried Out In My Agony - LisaMarie
I Feel Good - Don Fraser I Have No Shame..he Is The Reason Why... - Terrie*
I Keep On Keeping On - Hope I Will Be Close To Your Side - Terrie*
I Won't Be Left Behind - Alicia I'm Right Here - Jill Mackowiak
In His Sight - Marilyn A F Longfellow In My Father's Eyes - Terrie*
Inspiration Off A Young Soul So Sweet.. - Terrie* Inspired By You - Shan
Iris - Terrie* It Makes It All Worthwhile - Hope
It Will... - Nicola J Steel It'll Be Alright - Chris G Vaillancourt
Jesus, And The Rose - Tammy Just Hold My Hand - Marilyn A F Longfellow
Just This - Shan Keep The Sun, Over Your, Shoulder - ShyHeart
Let Me Live - Bittersweet Let My Love Become The Helium That Fills All Hearts - Terrie*
Letting Go - CD Life Is Created - Michael Levy
Like Scrapers We Are - Bench Liking Yourself - Barbara Goodhew
Little Bird! - Marilyn A F Longfellow Little Place In Old Mexico - ShyHeart
Live For Today - Del Live It Up - Del
Lock On My Heart - Lorraine Gibson Lord - Britney
Lord, You Are My Strength & My Joy - Terrie* Lost - Mark Spencer
Love Is Always There - Marion Carroll Making A Sacrifice For Love... - Terrie*
Meridian Rennt - Meridian Zuriel Message In A Bottle - ShyHeart
Mission In Life - Del Money - ShyHeart
Mr. Providence - Anjali Thapa My Baby's Wish...came To Be... - Terrie*
My Best Friend - Dreamer My Great Sunday Escape - Terrie*
My Heart Sighs From Love... - Terrie* My Invisible Friend - Mark Spencer
My Life - Jorjette My New Life - Dorothy C. Fox
My One True Love - Eryemil My Spirit Roams Free.. - Terrie*
My Stroke 1990 - Clive B Ringshall Never Give Up - Barbara Goodhew
New Day - Marilyn A F Longfellow Night Prayer - Dreamer
Olivia - Stacey On My Special Day - Bench
One More Day - Dino Hi One Sun, Moon Lit Night - ShyHeart
Only A Step Behind - Tammy Only One Of Me - Terrie*
Our Latest Anthem - Anjali Thapa Paradise - Ben Laney
Persistence - Barbara Goodhew Pink, Teddy Bear - ShyHeart
Poet For The Living Water - Princess Moon Positive Thinking - Barbara Goodhew
Presently Living - Margaret Questions - Shiloh
Rainbows - Lucinda Lee Tinsley Reflections Of A Wayfaring Soul - Mark Spencer
Reflections Of Dragon And Snake - Pondering Red Remember -
Rise Up - KJP Seeds Of Love - Karla Bardanza
Self Healin' Begins - Terrie* Smiles - Barbara Goodhew
So Honored - Dreamer Some Days - Sean
Sometimes - SilverBaby Sometimes I Wonder... - Terrie*
Sometimes, Heaven Comes, As You Sleep - ShyHeart Somewhere - Marilyn A F Longfellow
Spirits In Disguise... - Terrie* Stargazing - Red Dragon (Bernz)
Staying Strong - Tricia Stolen Moments - Dreamer
Strangers - Barbara Goodhew Strength - LinzAy
Sunshine And Cobwebs - Dreamer Sunshine In My Heart - Lucinda Lee Tinsley
Tag Your It - Terrie* Tall And Small - Barbara Goodhew
Tears Of Life - KitKatrina Thanks - Brett
That Perfect Place - Leah The Believer - Everett
The Choice Is Yours - Pamela O'Brien The Daily Enigma And Choices Made: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
The Eagleís Talisman - Newage Caveman The Emptiness Inside - Roger Gish
The Eye Of The Storm - Karla Bardanza The Fence - Pamela Keys Ratcliff
The Freedom Of Words - ShyHeart The Have's Of The Have Nots - Dreamer
The Human Resurgence: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart The Ice Butterflies - ShadowGallantmon
The Janitor - Mark Spencer The Letter - Terrie*
The Love I Once Knew - Terrie* The Love Remains - Briana Moore
The Love We Shared, Was The Love He Left For Me - Terrie* The Passion In His Heart..... - Terrie*
The Pieces Of Life - Leah The Pledge - Shaun
The Prophet And The Preacher - Mark Spencer The Road, To Where Ever, We Go - ShyHeart
The W And The Y - Meridian Zuriel The Wake-up Call - ShyHeart
There Is A Place - ShyHeart Think Out Side The Flesh - Pezo
This Dream To You! Mlk Honored - Marilyn A F Longfellow This Lonely, Room - ShyHeart
Thorns Of A Rose - ShyHeart Threads Of Hope - Hope
Tiger Smile - Hazzard Time - Christian V
Time To Start Anew - Hope Today & Always - Tanman
Today And Yesterday - Dreamer Tomorrow - tommyg
Too Close, To The Water - ShyHeart True Beauty - Capricorn
Unbreakable - Luke Christopher Unfailing Grace - Nora
Untitled - Shana Walking With My Lord - Tammy
Warrior.princess.daughter - Cookey Way To Go - Dreamer
We Shine As One - Chris G Vaillancourt Weather Report - Marilyn A F Longfellow
What Am I? - Leah06 What Do You Love - Pamela O'Brien
What Truly Makes You Great - Marion Carroll When I Sleep In Heavens Arms.... - Terrie*
When Troubles Get Us Down - Tammy Where Ecstasy Sings - Hope
Why Do I Love You - Ruthie Will Power - Barbara Goodhew
With Life Comes Change - PoisonIvy Words - Barbara Goodhew
You Gave Me Inspiration - Hope Your Not Here..so I Turn To Him.. - Terrie*

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