Poems by Category :- Abuse

10,000 Miles - Toni D 1986 - Seizure
25 Yearz - Melissa A Highness's Moonlight - Fallen_Angel
A Walk To Remember - Silent Witness Abu Ghraib - Francis Duggan
Abuse - Mandy Steder Abused! - Arianna
Again. - Taylor James All I Ever Wanted - Catyrose
Alone I Sit - Ghost Angel In Tears - Marion Carroll
Another Day - Manny As If I Care - Kami
At 7.... - Taylor James Avenger Of Blood - Justus Isaiah Richardson
Back Again - Taylor James Battered Prey - Tammy
Billy And The Magical Bus - Ben Franklin Blind Reality - Silent Witness
Blind Reality - Silent Witness Broken - Seizure
Burnt But Not Broken - Tanean Schaller Can't You Take A Joke?! - Mike
Child Slavery - Ben Franklin Confessions Of Private Pile - tommyg
Creepy - Dani Crying In The Mirror - K.Y.
Defloration -9 - Seizure Domestic Disturbance - Angel Laney
Drained - Angel On The Edge Earths Fallen Angels - Fallen_Angel
Emotional Scars - Barbara Goodhew Emotionally Torn - April Erwin
Estranged From The Start - Clive B Ringshall Face Value - Ben Franklin
Feel In The Past - Devilyangelic Four Rings - Fallen_Angel
Fragile Rose - Dreamer Going To Bed At Night - Buttney
Hammer Me - Elizabeth Squires Happiness - XoForeverXo
Hate - He Had It Coming - Kealsye N J Fahey
Her Downfall - mArLeNe His Nightmare Ends - Dreamer
Hit Me - Mere Hurtful Love - The Lost Girl
I Am Indestructable - Mandy Steder I Don't Want To Fight Anymore - Dreamer
I Lost Myself - Tammy I Pray For You - dark3nstar
I Still Love Her - Dreamer I Was Seven Years Old, Or Maybe Eight - Shiloh
I Wont Be In School Today - Ben Franklin I'm Gone - Ben Franklin
In The Beginning - tommyg In The Moonlight - Catyrose
Innocence - Seizure Into The Arms Of Danger - Tammy
Invisable Child - CD It All Started With I Love You - Shira
Last Night - Ben Franklin Let's Stand Together, And Fight - Tammy
Little Girl - Shaz Lonelyness's Sos - Fallen_Angel
Look At You Now - Ben Franklin Looking On - Tricia
Lost Souls - Catyrose Manic Manipulator - Dani
Marionette - Silent Witness Mark - Natalie Leer
Molested - Sweet Sara Monster Daddy - Ben Franklin
Mother Earths Cry - Terrie* Mummy Number 1 And Mummy Number 2 - Ben Franklin
My Knight In Shining Armour - Silent Witness My Non-stop Halloween - Ben Franklin
Never Could Name - Angel On The Edge Never Knowing When To Stop - Kami
Night Terrors - Catyrose Nightmares - Brittany MS
No Turning Back - Sarah Taurus Nothing Am I - Willahh
Now I See - Kristen Once More - Catyrose
One Night - Mark Spencer One To Five - Mandy Steder
Outcome - Barbara Goodhew Pain In Words - AJ
Peeling Away The Pain - Tammy Penknife And Paper - Emma-Louise
Raped - Ashley Right Here - Jennylisa
Rotten Mind - Barbie Run Away - Heaven
Scars - Tanean Schaller Searching For Freedom - TriTran
Self Abuse - Tzuhsi She -
Silence - Kristen Silenced Beat - LinzAy
Silent Angel - T'Lonna Robbins Silent Torture - Jennylisa
Silouette Of A Man - Dani Slavery Cell - Fallen_Angel
Some Mothers Son - Shaz Somethings Wrong - Barbara Goodhew
Stealer Of Soul - Dani Strength Of A Young Soul - Tricia
Stronger - Kealsye N J Fahey Tainted Cries - Tammy
Taken It's Toll - Dino Hi Tangled - Cookey
Tell Me How Many Tears..... - Terrie* That Night - Kami
That Night - Tammy The Broken Child - Seizure
The Gift - Catyrose The Indestructable Foe - Dani
The Mirror - Rowena Hulme The Poor Children - Barbara Goodhew
The Smiles Hid The Tears - Hope The Supplicant - Kristen
The World Changed - Seizure This Is How It Goes - Sweet_Suicide
This Little Girl - Tammy Thought I Knew You - Dimples
Today Is The Day - Today's Youth - Seizure
Tormented Child - Taylor James Toys - Ben Franklin
Two Chicks - Anthony Wright Under The Bed - Seizure
Unholy Scars - Fallen_Angel Warped Affliction - LinzAy
What They Did Was Sin - Taylor James What You Gave Me In Return - Your Melody
When I Was Five - Melissa Whisperer Of Hurt - The Lost Girl
Who Is This Child, Who Am I? - PoeticDemon Who Would Of Thought A Love So Pure - AJ
Why - April Erwin Why Daddy Why?? - Terrie*
Why Did It Have To Be Me? - dark3nstar Why Do You Have To Do This To Me? - dark3nstar
Why Does This Have To Be Me? - dark3nstar Why Mum - Keila
Why Should You Care? - Kealsye N J Fahey Why? - Alan
Will I See Better Days? - Airtime 13 Within Another's Mind - Mike
Wounded Life - Tammy You - La_LonLey_Dreamer
You Can't Hurt Me Anymore - KristyD. You're Not So Indestructable - Dani
Your Abuse - KristyD.  

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