Dream Weaver
Author: Marion Carroll


He was the unknown darkness, my "silken veil" of night;
the dream I wrapped around myself, to which I held on tight.
He was the invisible backdrop, that causes the stars to shine.
He captured a place within my heart and claimed that he was mine.

I held his spirit in my soul. I felt his unseen touch.
I knew that I had need of this, I just didn't know how much.
He was there, and yet, he wasn't. He was inside and all around.
I was cloaked in a whispered breath, when I laid my body, down.

He became my craven desire. It was both love, and lust:
a demand for satisfaction, that was born of sacred trust.
It was nothing short of sorcery, that held my heart in thrall.
He knew the perfect words to say, and just how far I'd fall.

And fall, I did...

into a pool, of pleasure driven lies.
I neither sank nor swam. I merely closed my eyes.
Blissful in my ignorance, I dreamt of loves creation.

What stunning discovery. Twas naught but imagination.

Shame on me, for being fooled. It's sad, but true, to say,
that I was ripe for the picking. I was such an easy prey.
Truth is the mortal enemy, of a provocative deceiver.
I was caught in the brilliant web, of a masterful Dream Weaver.

I have no valid excuse, for giving in, to a Phantom's kiss.
Dreams are but illusions, that disappear in the morning mist.
But I find, my life is better still, in spite of all the tears.
I've finally learned my lesson, and I'll carry it, all my years.

It's not what a person says to you, or even what they write,
that makes them what they are. This poem is my fight
to stand in self defense, and hold my head up high;
giving warning to all others, who would read his dreams, and sigh.

Be sure you always look behind the patina of appearance,
before you open up your heart, and give a soul, it's clearance.
Actions speak louder than words. They are the only true measure,
of a person's intentions and worth, and determines if they, are a treasure.


Comments on this poem/writing:

John F ( -- Sunday, July 2 2006, 08:02 am

So true!!

I can only admire your sincerity here Marion. The poem is extremely well written but shows a darker side about predators. Some are easily fooled by this type of animal! He likes to keep women on a string for his own pathetic ego.
MC ( -- Sunday, July 2 2006, 06:20 pm


while not always fun, is the best teacher. Thanks for your comment.
barb ( -- Sunday, July 2 2006, 08:14 pm

true words

Marion,we don't learn from what others say,which is to bad. We only seem to learn if we go through it.Then we have had experience . and remember what happened. Good Message, thanks.
Tammy ( -- Sunday, July 2 2006, 09:22 pm


WOW.....MC this is one great poem, and I truly understand what your saying in your words, i've been there myself before, not much fun, and truly heartbreaking. It hurts to know there are people out here in this world who seem not to care who they hurt. Great Write!
Meridian ( -- Monday, July 3 2006, 09:25 pm

Well said

So right. It's a shame that some people don't have anything better to do than hack computers, stalk and molest women, crush hearts, and etc. And the depressing part about it is, from a male's point of view, it's hard to gain a woman's trust after she's endured deception.

I truly enjoyed your poem MC!
MC ( -- Tuesday, July 4 2006, 02:01 am

Thanks, Tammy and Meridian

for your comments. The important thing is to learn from our mistakes and warn others, if we feel that they are falling into the same situation. Trust is a hard thing to give again, once you've been through a terrible deception. But we learn to weed the true from the false. =)
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