Pandora's Box
Author: Marion Carroll


Don't open this Pandora's Box. You don't want to behold...
the secrets that it keeps inside, are better left untold.
It's beauty is beguiling. The mystery adds appeal.
Whatever could be kept within that must remain concealed?

Your friends all give their warnings.You dismiss them, out of hand.
They're the fools, if they can't see, what you so clearly understand.
So proud you are, to have this gift. The world must surely know,
that you possess a treasure. You are filled with such a glow.

Like a moth to brilliant light, you are drawn, despite your fears.
The fascination overwhelms and brings you close to tears.
You try the lock, to no avail. You pry, with all your might.
You turn the damn thing upside down and bring it closer to the light.

Surely, there must be a way, to reverse the closing process.
What's been done, can be undone. Does it take a rocket scientist?
Nothing works. It just can't be so hard for it to open.
What started as curiosity, has now become, obsession.

It's the first thought in your head, each morning when you wake.
All day long, you contemplate, a way to make it break.
You're bound within it's grasp. You can't even go to sleep.
Whatever it holds, you want so bad, in spite of how you weep.

Frustration leads to raging. It's taken over your soul.
You find, you don't know who you are, and that you've lost control.
You can't go on, but you can't let go. Without it, you would die.
But if you stopped for just one minute, you'd see that was a lie.

You carry it with you everywhere, because you are consumed.
You wonder if your former self, can ever be exhumed.
You've lost everything you had, it's domination is complete.
Then standing at the edge of a cliff, you know you have been beat.

Either you, or it. One will have to go. Wanna stay alive?
If you throw it upon the rocks, you may have a chance to survive.
With agony and desperation, you fling the box and cry.
You close your eyes and fall to the ground, and wonder how and why

you let this thing become the most important in your life.
It never gave you anthing that was truly worth the strife.
For a moment there is nothing but the sound of crashing waves,
and you swear, you hear the whispering, of spirits from their graves.

They bid you to raise your head, and then, to open up your eyes,
and what you will see before you, will come as no small surprise.
The box lies open on the ground; inside is a shattered mirror.
A reflection of all you've become, in the quest to avoid your fears.

Broken in pieces, just like the glass, you're ashamed of what you see.
You drop your head and pray to find a way you can be free.
Then carefully you close the lid, sealing the shards within,
and rise to your feet, knowing that, your real life will now begin.

So many tears, so many years, you have spent on this possession.
It came to own you and your soul, while you gave it your protection.
But now, you cannot wait, to find the strength you were meant to know,
And be what you were meant to be: to live, and learn and grow.

It's time to let go of the past, so you write a little note,
to the next person who finds the box, and here is what you wrote:
"Don't open this Pandora's Box. You don't want to behold....
the secrets that it keeps inside, are better left untold".


Comments on this poem/writing:

Catyrose ( -- Saturday, July 1 2006, 07:58 am

Thanks for the warning!

thank you so much for sharing this poem. It affected me on a very personal level. Needed these words more than I care to admit. Great write!
John Foster ( -- Saturday, July 1 2006, 08:05 am

Deep thoughts

This is a very well written poem with excellent verse and rhyme. Having said that, The storyline is is very clever and I'm sure some will relate to this.
MC ( -- Saturday, July 1 2006, 02:02 pm


Thanks for commenting, and I'm glad, if these words have helped you to see a situation you are involved in, more clearly. Take care of YOU!
MC ( -- Saturday, July 1 2006, 02:05 pm


I think we all have our own form of addictions, in this life. Thanks for the compliment. Now I'm gonna check out the link you sent. =)
Meridian ( -- Saturday, July 1 2006, 07:54 pm


Go MC Go MC GO! Absolutely wonderful! Pandora's Box. Some secrets are better left untold, because what you don't know can't hurt ya. However, sometimes curiosity gets the upper hand and dominates our rationality and ability to reason. Some oaths are better to remain oaths. Investigating on our own can be unpleasant and dangerous. :) Experience teaches us all kinds of lessons which indeed makes us smarter as we continue aging.
MC ( -- Sunday, July 2 2006, 05:09 am

Glad you liked it

If we don't learn from our mistakes, we just keep making them. Sigh. I'm getting too old to keep being stupid! LOL
Tina ( -- Wednesday, January 3 2007, 07:02 am

Pandora's Box .. so so true ..

how odd, I have just been sat here reading my old favourites about ' Pandora's Box' and The Moth .. wondering why her or she does have to find the light and found your poem that talks about both. I never realised just much I can obviously relate to each one.
boo ( -- Thursday, May 3 2007, 06:05 pm


That is a very cool poem! I loved it! how did u come up with it?
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