Cat Lamentation
Author: Marion Carroll


How could my human, possibly think, to bring a dog to MY domicile?
Life in this place, was purrfect before. It's obvious, he'll only defile.

Just look at that thing, he has no control. He could learn, from this cool feline.
He'd better calm down. I am the Boss. I've so much to teach this canine.

Please tell me, that I'm only dreaming. The man has to bathe that mutt.
He rolls in the dirt, and smells much worse. He can't even clean his own butt.

He digs holes in the yard, and chews on shoes, then licks the man in the face.
He jumps like a fool, leaving trails of drool, making messes all over the place.

He has no self respect, at all. His enthusiasm makes me sick.
I can't watch him beg for attention. I'm disgraced by my humans' pick.

He has absolutely no manners. Good God, you should see him eat.
He grunts and slobbers, and scatters his food, while my bowl is quite perfectly neat.

But my human puts him in the car. And calls him his very best friend.
I know he's mistaken. I was here first. He didn't mean to offend.

What did I do to deserve this scourge? That man has burst my bubble.
You'd think, with me, he'd have been content. I didn't need this dog trouble.

It truly hurts my self esteem, that he could possibly prefer,
a horrid creature like that, over me, when he's just a mangy cur.

Look at me, I'm simply gorgeous. But I'm more than just eye candy.
I give him purpose. He exists for me. No other life could be so dandy.

He tells me he brought the dog home, to keep us both safe and protected.
I know that's not true. He won't hurt a flea. His courage must be injected.

That dog thinks that he is so tough. If you ask me, I think he's just pushy.
He's nothing but bark, but I'll scratch and bite. Now, who are you callin' a 'Pussy'?

------- Author's Notes -------

I was reading through the poetry for the first time today in a long time, and came across Barbs poem about pets, and had to post this. I wrote this several months ago, and never got around to posting it. I am so a cat person. We have 6 at my house and they scared off our Pit Bull. LOL


Comments on this poem/writing:

Catyrose ( -- Thursday, December 28 2006, 09:54 pm


made a cat lover out of me :) I came away with a healthy respect for felines after reading your poem. Got a big smile and a hearty laugh on that last line. Nice to see you back MC, have missed your writings and comments.
Bipedalguy ( -- Thursday, December 28 2006, 10:43 pm

Cats 'R' Good

When I was little we lived out in the boonies where we frequently adopted a seemingly homeless cat. I will never forget how cute they were, especially the little ones. When we fed them milk, they would stand with their front legs in the milk bowl and their hind legs were just outside of the bowl.
I really like your poem. Telling it from the perspective of the cat is a clever twist.
Meridian ( -- Saturday, December 30 2006, 01:07 am

Miss Creativity

Hey MC! It's good to see you writing again poet! I love how you narrate as if you're a cat. I'm not an animal lover, but I choose dogs over cats any Cats scratch. But then again, dogs bite.

All in all, very good poem MC!
barb ( -- Saturday, December 30 2006, 01:41 am

purr fect lol

Glad you like cats too.Your writing is creative putting yourself in the cats shoes. Loved it good job.
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, December 31 2006, 03:29 am

Who Let The Cats Out ? LOL

you posses great talent my friend ,i must admit we have had Felines whom possesed mighty big ATTITUDE and PERSONALITY compared to our Canines whom expose their wggin' tail , lickin' face GRATITUDE and PERSONALITY over all they shared the same warm baskin' spot under the sun, funny how they got along but when it came to another feline or canine trespasin' their domain dispositions changed, although I MUST SAY I HAVE WITNESSED that the Felines were MIGHTY FIESTY
loved it hunny...
MC ( -- Wednesday, January 3 2007, 04:35 pm

Thank you all

for your nice comments. What I love about cats is that they are so self sufficient, and have so much personality. Dogs are great too, but, I just prefer cats. Glad you all enjoyed this!
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