Sermon 132: The Formula For Peace
Author: Mark Spencer


A drop of paint on a canvas cannot know the measure of the canvas. In the same way man cannot know the measure of creation. The drop of paint that claims to know the canvas is too blinded by vanity and pride to even know itself. This truth applies to every drop that lays claim to knowledge of anything more than self. You do not have the answers. The pursuit of such vanities is a wide and dangerous road. Neither the theist nor the atheist knows the answers. This is also true of the democrat and republican, the scientist and the layman, the aristocrat and the pauper. All of man's efforts to separate himself from the throng, to create distinctions in class, party, beauty, and belief, are simply exercises in vanity.

Not one of us, not one, is anything more than a drop of paint on the canvas of creation. We know nothing about that canvas, despite our posturing. We are neither peaceful, nor barbaric...yet we have the right to choose between the two. We have the right to choose between vain pursuits, that allow us to delude ourselves with the notion that we can BE better, smarter, or holier than other drops of paint, and accepting our place on the canvas as part of a greater creation, a creation without better, smarter, or holier drops.

This is the formula for peace my friends - to give up our desire to rise above our brothers and sisters, and accept our place on the canvas. Because until we learn how to be that drop of paint...equal in every way to every other drop of paint, the canvas will remain incomplete, chaos will prevail, and the words of peace will continue to go unheard. This world is a mess because of our choices, not because of guns, or religion, or politics. Itís a mess because WE choose to remain divided by the vain distinctions of human arrogance! This, and only this, is responsible for driving us to the brink of madness!

Until we, as a race, embrace the formula for peace, no solution, such as gun control, will prevail...because we are divided. This group thinks they're right, that group thinks they're right. One of them will win this conflict...the other will lose. As long as there are groups that win, and groups that lose, we will continue to follow, as the human race has done from the beginning, the formula for war...and chaos.

Peace, harmony, and sanity cannot be found by one person, or one group. It cannot be the achievement of an order, a party, a race, a class or a faith. Peace can only be found as a species, equal in every way. It can only be built on common ground. And the mantra of such a species should always be "love thy neighbor as thyself", and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Such wisdom should guide us, all the days of our lives. For if even one of us finds these timeless words offensive, then neither they, nor us, will ever find peace. God bless.


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Lynn ( -- Wednesday, January 9 2013, 07:54 am

Very well written!

Mark, as always, what you write is very profound.
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