Mark Spencer's Writings

Who Wants To Live Forever 04/21/2021 (Religious and Religion)
Blue Lives Matter 10/29/2020 (Statements)
The Master Class 10/29/2020 (Political)
The Epicurean Paradox 05/05/2020 (Spiritual)
The Exception 01/13/2016 (Religious and Religion)
Thy Will Be Done 10/08/2015 (Faith)
Sea Of Iniquity 09/30/2015 (Religious and Religion)
Pauperís Grave 01/21/2015 (Life Lessons)
Jacobís Ladder 01/16/2015 (Religious and Religion)
Pretty 01/16/2015 (Religious and Religion)
The Knowledge Of Good And Evil 01/16/2015 (Religious and Religion)
You Never Loved Me 01/16/2015 (Broken Relationships)
When My Time Is Up 01/16/2015 (Death)
Poem Noir 01/16/2015 (Crimes)
Regrets 11/03/2014 (Life Lessons)
Redneck Halloween 10/31/2014 (Humorous)
Iím Not A Christian Anymore 10/09/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Churches 10/09/2014 (Religious and Religion)
The Gospel Of Lucifer 09/12/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Tytlerís Cycle 09/12/2014 (Political)
Lost 09/12/2014 (Inspirational and Strength)
Empyrea (em-pi-ree) 09/02/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Salvation's Assumption 04/27/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Peace Is Not A Way Of Life 04/25/2014 (Life Lessons)
Willie (song) 07/08/2013 (Humorous)
Willie 04/02/2013 (Humorous)
A Daughter Has Come Home 03/25/2013 (Death - tribute)
Sermon 132: The Formula For
12/27/2012 (Change)
A Letter To Santa Claus 12/25/2012 (Holidays)
Ripples 11/27/2012 (Spiritual)
The Line 11/22/2012 (Spiritual)
Godís Masterpiece 03/28/2012 (Religious and Religion)
Smoke 03/28/2012 (Nature)
Reality 03/28/2012 (Poetry and Poets)
The Statue 03/28/2012 (Pondering)
Sermon 117: What Do You Know? 02/15/2012 (Short Creative Writings)
Prophesy 02/02/2012 (Religious and Religion)
Good Enough 02/02/2012 (Religious and Religion)
One Night 02/02/2012 (Abuse)
Corporal Courageous 02/02/2012 (War and 911)
Platoís Cave 02/02/2012 (Pondering)
Lest Ye Be Judged 10/19/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Batman 10/13/2011 (Humorous)
Secretariat 10/07/2011 (Animals)
The Soldier 10/07/2011 (War and 911)
Sin 10/07/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Stumbling Block 09/28/2011 (Facing Reality)
Salvation 09/28/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Rainbows 09/23/2011 (Nature)
Powerless 09/22/2011 (Love)
One Moment 09/12/2011 (Love)
The Irresistible Force 08/15/2011 (Spiritual)
Paradise 08/15/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Hypocrisy 07/19/2011 (Life Styles)
A Prayer In Prose 06/24/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Wings 06/17/2011 (Death)
Skeptical Christian 06/11/2011 (Life Journeys)
My Disability 05/23/2011 (Life Lessons)
Footprints 05/22/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Judgment May (part Two) 05/22/2011 (Life Lessons)

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