Mark Spencer's Writings

Epitaph 11/15/2006 (Spiritual)
Five Water Balloons 11/15/2006 (Life Lessons)
Sailorís Creed 10/17/2006 (Spiritual)
The Boy Who Walked On Water 10/04/2006 (Spiritual)
Origin Of The Kiss 09/25/2006 (Spiritual)
The Mouseís Tale 09/19/2006 (Children's Poetry - for kids)
I Tried 09/18/2006 (Spiritual)
Compliments 09/18/2006 (Thoughts)
Our Lord Speaks 09/17/2006 (Spiritual)
Bless Me 09/07/2006 (Religious and Religion)
Societal Drift 08/31/2006 (Life Journeys)
Judgment 08/26/2006 (Religious and Religion)
The Tides Of Time 08/23/2006 (Spiritual)
Promises 08/22/2006 (Love)
Reach Beyond The Circles 08/20/2006 (Religious and Religion)
Pick-up Line 08/19/2006 (Humorous)
Memoirs And Battle Scars 08/11/2006 (Romantic - Romance)
The Janitor 08/10/2006 (Inspirational and Strength)
Something From Nothing 08/07/2006 (Pondering)
Your Soul Mate 06/24/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Friendship 06/20/2006 (Friendship)
The Ride Of Israel Bissell 06/09/2006 (Military and War)
The Inquisitive Bee 06/06/2006 (Children's Poetry - for kids)
Great Responsibility 05/22/2006 (Religious and Religion)
The Other Cheek 05/15/2006 (Spiritual)
Renegade 05/12/2006 (Religious and Religion)
From Here To Eternity 05/10/2006 (Spiritual)
Dead Man Walking 05/05/2006 (Spiritual)
The Walk 05/05/2006 (Spiritual)
My Quest 03/05/2006 (Love - waiting for)
God For A Day 03/05/2006 (Religious and Religion)
Love -sonnet- 03/05/2006 (Love - passionate)
Family 03/05/2006 (Family)
Iíll Try 03/05/2006 (Life Lessons)
The Ten Commandments 03/05/2006 (Religious and Religion)
The Alamo -sonnet- 03/05/2006 (Military and War)
Life Stages In Senryu 10/21/2005 (Life Journeys)
Birth -haiku- 10/20/2005 (Life Journeys)
Peace 10/20/2005 (Life Lessons)
High Expectations -haiku- 10/20/2005 (Life Lessons)
The Scryer Of Pompeii 10/19/2005 (Miscellaneous)
The Life Of A Party Girl 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Created Equal 10/19/2005 (Religious and Religion)
True Love -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Your Destination -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Mansions -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Peace -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Legacy -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
The Closer You Get -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Judgment -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
In Love -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Pawns -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
True Beauty -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
The Right Choice -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Victory -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Limits Untested -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Just A Box -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
In A Mirror Dimly 10/05/2005 (Life Lessons)
Spiderman 10/05/2005 (Fantasy)
Beautiful Life 10/05/2005 (Life Lessons)

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