Mark Spencer's Writings

Wandering Angel 10/05/2005 (Spiritual)
Mitochondrial Eve - Where
Evolution Fails
10/05/2005 (Religious and Religion)
The Visit 10/05/2005 (Religious and Religion)
She Said, He Said 10/05/2005 (Marriage)
Walking With The Lord 10/05/2005 (Spiritual)
A Song For Our Soldiers 10/05/2005 (Military and War - by vets)
Mother Goose 10/05/2005 (Life Lessons)
Final Judgment 10/05/2005 (Spiritual)
Life By The Drop 10/05/2005 (Spiritual)
Blessing 10/05/2005 (Marriage)
Loved And Lost 10/05/2005 (Love lost or ending)
Riddle 10/05/2005 (Choices)
Part Of His Flock 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Faces 05/02/2005 (Life Lessons)
My Author 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Poetís Ball 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
The First Christmas Day
05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Mom 05/02/2005 (Family)
Prophets Of The Modern Age 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Beyond Imagination 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Gehazi 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Iím Just Me 05/02/2005 (Life Lessons)
Redneck Christmas 05/02/2005 (Humorous)
Dark Angel 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
The Rights Of Marriage 05/02/2005 (Political)
The Fighting Forty Four 05/02/2005 (Military and War - by vets)
I Love Her 05/02/2005 (Humorous)
If I Should Die Tomorrow 04/25/2005 (Love)
The Navigator 04/25/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Origin Of Motion 04/25/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Beginnings 04/25/2005 (Religious and Religion)
My Invisible Friend 04/25/2005 (Inspirational and Strength)
Treasure 10/13/2004 (Spiritual)
Junk 10/13/2004 (Spiritual)
An Unknown Destination 10/13/2004 (Religious and Religion)
A Loverís Lament 10/13/2004 (Love lost or ending)
A Loverís Sonnet 10/13/2004 (Love)
God Must Not Exist 06/29/2004 (Religious and Religion)
G I Jenny 06/29/2004 (Military and War)
The Soldier 06/29/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Prophesy iv 06/29/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Paul 06/29/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Dogs And Cats 06/07/2004 (Humorous)
There Is A Place 06/07/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Poetic Exorcism 06/07/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Epitaph For A Wayfaring Soul 06/07/2004 (Death - tribute)
The Roads Not Taken 06/07/2004 (Family)
Somewhere Under The Rainbow 04/04/2004 (Depression)
Passion 04/04/2004 (Religious and Religion)
No More Tears In Heaven 04/04/2004 (Death)
Wings 03/04/2004 (Religious and Religion)
The Last Cheaterís Waltz 03/04/2004 (Short Stories - poetic)
The Neighbor 02/21/2004 (Reflective)
Redneck Wedding 02/21/2004 (Humorous)
Assigning A Face To God 02/21/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Redneck Valentine 02/21/2004 (Humorous)
Reflections Of A Wayfaring
02/21/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
It Isnít Heaven Without You 01/28/2004 (Love)
Soul Mates 01/28/2004 (Miscellaneous)
The Cleric And The Ass 01/28/2004 (Religious and Religion)

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