Mark Spencer's Writings

The Thirty Eighth Parallel 07/23/2009 (War and 911)
The Father, The Son, The Holy
Ghost...and You
07/15/2009 (Love)
Iraq 07/05/2009 (War and 911)
Silent Prayer 06/28/2009 (Life Journeys)
Into The Great Unknown 05/12/2009 (Death)
Grace 02/16/2009 (Religious and Religion)
Song Of Freedom 02/04/2009 (War and 911)
Pebbles 01/08/2009 (Life Journeys)
The Dark Side Of The Moon 09/25/2008 (Music or Lyrical)
Daughter 09/16/2008 (Life Lessons)
You Donít Get Me 08/31/2008 (Life Lessons)
The Old Man Behind The Dugout 05/05/2008 (Sports)
The Shopping Cart (treatise) 05/05/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Inside A Troubled Mind 04/25/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Why Relationships Fail 04/11/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Allegory Of The Fish Tank 04/04/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Why Canít I Find My Soul Mate? 04/03/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Soldier's Creed 03/28/2008 (Military and War - by vets)
Two Become One 02/27/2008 (Thoughts)
Airman's Creed 02/27/2008 (Spiritual)
Everything I Do, I Do It For
02/22/2008 (Life Lessons)
The Center 02/20/2008 (Family)
Natural Progression 02/19/2008 (Nature)
A Godless Generation 02/19/2008 (Religious and Religion)
The Prophet 02/03/2008 (Religious and Religion)
I Love You 01/08/2008 (Romantic - Romance)
The Word Of The Lord (sonnet) 01/08/2008 (Religious and Religion)
Tears In The Rain 12/28/2007 (Love lost or ending)
My Curse 12/20/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Allegory Of The Dungeon 11/24/2007 (Spiritual)
Homeless 11/02/2007 (Life Lessons)
Simulation Revelation 10/07/2007 (Thoughts)
Possessions 09/28/2007 (Reflective)
Sociopath 09/26/2007 (Religious and Religion)
The Lost 09/12/2007 (Religious and Religion)
Before She Beats (parody Of
Before He Cheats)
09/11/2007 (Humorous)
Eternity 09/04/2007 (Thoughts)
A Test For True Believers 08/19/2007 (Religious and Religion)
What Happened To Musicís Soul? 08/19/2007 (Pondering)
Charles, The Hammer 08/19/2007 (Military and War)
Casualties Of War 08/19/2007 (Love lost or ending)
When I Praise You 08/19/2007 (Religious and Religion)
Tips 08/19/2007 (Religious and Religion)
Life Is Hell 08/19/2007 (Spiritual)
Dreams And Consequences 08/19/2007 (Religious and Religion)
The Shopping Cart 08/19/2007 (Reflective)
Cain 03/14/2007 (Religious and Religion)
Chastity 03/14/2007 (Life Lessons)
A Simple Twist Of Fate 03/10/2007 (Reflective)
Neanderthal 03/10/2007 (Nature)
The Visitor -revised- 02/15/2007 (Spiritual)
Rope 02/03/2007 (Spiritual)
What Is The Origin Of The
01/13/2007 (Short Creative Writings)
How Did Noah Care For The
01/13/2007 (Short Creative Writings)
Touched By An Angel 01/05/2007 (Angels - spiritual)
Christmas 12/26/2006 (Holidays)
A Christmas Story 12/25/2006 (Holidays)
Noah's Ark 12/01/2006 (Religious and Religion)
The Meaning Of Yíall 11/23/2006 (Humorous)
The Wish 11/17/2006 (Music or Lyrical)

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