Mark Spencer's Writings

The Race 03/08/2003 (Thoughts)
The Center Of The Universe 03/08/2003 (Thoughts)
Who I Am 03/08/2003 (Life Lessons)
The Gardener 03/08/2003 (Life Lessons)
Viagra 03/02/2003 (Humorous)
The Phone Call 03/02/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Singer 03/02/2003 (People)
The Cop 03/02/2003 (People)
The Path 03/02/2003 (Spiritual)
Fallen Angel 12/31/1969 (Angels - spiritual)
My Daughter's Friend 02/25/2003 (Suicidal Thoughts)
War 02/23/2003 (Military and War)
In God's Defense 02/23/2003 (Religious and Religion)
My Deadbeat Uncle 02/23/2003 (Humorous)
The Vows 02/23/2003 (Love)
The Proposal 02/23/2003 (Love)
The Choice 02/22/2003 (Love)
Billy 02/16/2003 (Friendship)
Martin 02/16/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
The Prisoner 02/16/2003 (People)
The Red White And Blue 02/16/2003 (Patriotism)
Dirty Dan Mcguire 02/16/2003 (Patriotism)
Nightmare 02/16/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
I Could Have Been 02/11/2003 (Statements)
The Circle Of Life 01/27/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
Jesus 01/16/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Children Of The Night 01/16/2003 (Statements)
The Bard 01/16/2003 (Fantasy)
The Visitor 01/16/2003 (Spiritual)
The Unicorn 01/16/2003 (Mythical)
The Madman 01/16/2003 (People)
Parodies 01/16/2003 (Thoughts)
My Odyssey 01/16/2003 (Dreams - sleep)
The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 01/16/2003 (Places)
The Photograph 01/16/2003 (Love unrequited)
The Promise 01/16/2003 (Love)
I Will Always Love You 01/16/2003 (Marriage)
A Garden On The Plain 01/16/2003 (Love)
A Castle Made Of Sand 01/16/2003 (Love)
Angels Of The Lord 01/16/2003 (Angels - spiritual)
Father Time 01/15/2003 (Humorous)
My Brother 01/15/2003 (Family)
Games 01/15/2003 (Life Lessons)
The Mountain 01/15/2003 (Things)
Matthew 01/15/2003 (Death - tribute)
The Hobo 01/15/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Melody 01/15/2003 (Military and War)
My Prayer 01/15/2003 (Religious and Religion)
A Fairytale 01/15/2003 (Fantasy)
The Gentleman 01/15/2003 (Love unrequited)
Suicide 01/13/2003 (Death)
A Hero Named Ray 01/10/2003 (Tributes)
Coma 12/16/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Methuselah - A Lesson In
08/30/2002 (Religious and Religion)
Monsters 05/04/2002 (Drugs and Alcohol)

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