Mark Spencer's Writings

Blue Lives Matter 10/29/2020 (Statements)
The Master Class 10/29/2020 (Political)
The Epicurean Paradox 05/05/2020 (Spiritual)
The Exception 01/13/2016 (Religious and Religion)
Thy Will Be Done 10/08/2015 (Faith)
Sea Of Iniquity 09/30/2015 (Religious and Religion)
Pauperís Grave 01/21/2015 (Life Lessons)
Jacobís Ladder 01/16/2015 (Religious and Religion)
Pretty 01/16/2015 (Religious and Religion)
The Knowledge Of Good And Evil 01/16/2015 (Religious and Religion)
You Never Loved Me 01/16/2015 (Broken Relationships)
When My Time Is Up 01/16/2015 (Death)
Poem Noir 01/16/2015 (Crimes)
Regrets 11/03/2014 (Life Lessons)
Redneck Halloween 10/31/2014 (Humorous)
Iím Not A Christian Anymore 10/09/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Churches 10/09/2014 (Religious and Religion)
The Gospel Of Lucifer 09/12/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Tytlerís Cycle 09/12/2014 (Political)
Lost 09/12/2014 (Inspirational and Strength)
Empyrea (em-pi-ree) 09/02/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Salvation's Assumption 04/27/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Peace Is Not A Way Of Life 04/25/2014 (Life Lessons)
Willie (song) 07/08/2013 (Humorous)
Willie 04/02/2013 (Humorous)
A Daughter Has Come Home 03/25/2013 (Death - tribute)
Sermon 132: The Formula For
12/27/2012 (Change)
A Letter To Santa Claus 12/25/2012 (Holidays)
Ripples 11/27/2012 (Spiritual)
The Line 11/22/2012 (Spiritual)
Godís Masterpiece 03/28/2012 (Religious and Religion)
Smoke 03/28/2012 (Nature)
Reality 03/28/2012 (Poetry and Poets)
The Statue 03/28/2012 (Pondering)
Sermon 117: What Do You Know? 02/15/2012 (Short Creative Writings)
Prophesy 02/02/2012 (Religious and Religion)
Good Enough 02/02/2012 (Religious and Religion)
One Night 02/02/2012 (Abuse)
Corporal Courageous 02/02/2012 (War and 911)
Platoís Cave 02/02/2012 (Pondering)
Lest Ye Be Judged 10/19/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Batman 10/13/2011 (Humorous)
Secretariat 10/07/2011 (Animals)
The Soldier 10/07/2011 (War and 911)
Sin 10/07/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Stumbling Block 09/28/2011 (Facing Reality)
Salvation 09/28/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Rainbows 09/23/2011 (Nature)
Powerless 09/22/2011 (Love)
One Moment 09/12/2011 (Love)
The Irresistible Force 08/15/2011 (Spiritual)
Paradise 08/15/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Hypocrisy 07/19/2011 (Life Styles)
A Prayer In Prose 06/24/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Wings 06/17/2011 (Death)
Skeptical Christian 06/11/2011 (Life Journeys)
My Disability 05/23/2011 (Life Lessons)
Footprints 05/22/2011 (Religious and Religion)
Judgment May (part Two) 05/22/2011 (Life Lessons)
Judgment... May? 01/20/2011 (Religious and Religion)
The Truth 01/18/2011 (Religious and Religion)
The Original Sin 01/14/2011 (Religious and Religion)
M. I. A. ( Missing
In Action )
01/04/2011 (Military Memories)
Empty Vines 01/03/2011 (Spiritual)
Christmas 1914 12/26/2010 (Thoughts)
Accidents 11/04/2010 (Religious and Religion)
Filthy Rags 09/30/2010 (Religious and Religion)
The Root Of All Evil 09/17/2010 (Life Lessons)
The Witch, The Troll, And The
09/06/2010 (Children's Poetry - for kids)
Indifference 08/30/2010 (Life Lessons)
The Prodigal Son 07/20/2010 (Religious and Religion)
Rapture 07/15/2010 (Religious and Religion)
The Road To Damascus 06/24/2010 (Religious and Religion)
The Journey 06/17/2010 (Life Journeys)
Prodigal Son 06/06/2010 (Spiritual)
Bachelor Party 06/06/2010 (Humorous)
Redneck Thanksgiving Prayer 06/06/2010 (Humorous)
The Death Of Imagination 05/10/2010 (Life Lessons)
Weeds 04/30/2010 (Religious and Religion)
Sloth 04/29/2010 (Spiritual)
Gluttony 04/29/2010 (Spiritual)
Lust 04/28/2010 (Religious and Religion)
Envy 04/28/2010 (Religious and Religion)
Greed 04/26/2010 (Life Lessons)
Dying Breath 04/14/2010 (Life Lessons)
Old Warrior's Prayer 04/12/2010 (Spiritual)
Good And Evil 04/09/2010 (Life Lessons)
Couger 04/09/2010 (Life Journeys)
Dominican Hospital 03/31/2010 (Death)
America The Beautiful 03/31/2010 (Thoughts)
Throw Away People 03/31/2010 (Thoughts)
False Prophets 03/15/2010 (Religious and Religion)
The Loneliest Thing 02/26/2010 (Spiritual)
Respect 02/22/2010 (Judgement)
World Peace 02/11/2010 (Life Lessons)
An Honest Man 01/31/2010 (Facing Reality)
Clifford 01/26/2010 (Death - tribute)
Faith 01/21/2010 (Religious and Religion)
Rage 01/06/2010 (Life Lessons)
Pride 01/02/2010 (Life Lessons)
Two Roads 12/20/2009 (Life Lessons)
Silent Observer 12/17/2009 (Life Lessons)
Michael Came Home 12/11/2009 (Military and War)
Fifty Dollars 12/11/2009 (Life Lessons)
We Do What We've Got To Do 11/10/2009 (Life Journeys)
The Banquet 11/09/2009 (Religious and Religion)
The Harvest 11/06/2009 (Spiritual)
Candy Coated Jesus 11/06/2009 (Spiritual)
Hypocrite 11/03/2009 (Religious and Religion)
To Thine Own Self Be True 11/02/2009 (Religious and Religion)
Comparative Analysis Of
Judgment And Truth
10/29/2009 (Life Lessons)
Impressions 10/28/2009 (Life Lessons)
The Sailboat 10/27/2009 (Love)
One 10/27/2009 (Spiritual)
Rewards 10/27/2009 (Religious and Religion)
Finding Love 10/20/2009 (Love - waiting for)
The Trophy Case 10/18/2009 (Broken Relationships)
Nasty Monkey Poop 10/07/2009 (Humorous)
Lines Of Perception 09/24/2009 (Short Creative Writings)
Finding Eternity 07/26/2009 (Spiritual)
The Thirty Eighth Parallel 07/23/2009 (War and 911)
The Father, The Son, The Holy
Ghost...and You
07/15/2009 (Love)
Iraq 07/05/2009 (War and 911)
Silent Prayer 06/28/2009 (Life Journeys)
Into The Great Unknown 05/12/2009 (Death)
Grace 02/16/2009 (Religious and Religion)
Song Of Freedom 02/04/2009 (War and 911)
Pebbles 01/08/2009 (Life Journeys)
The Dark Side Of The Moon 09/25/2008 (Music or Lyrical)
Daughter 09/16/2008 (Life Lessons)
You Donít Get Me 08/31/2008 (Life Lessons)
The Old Man Behind The Dugout 05/05/2008 (Sports)
The Shopping Cart (treatise) 05/05/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Inside A Troubled Mind 04/25/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Why Relationships Fail 04/11/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Allegory Of The Fish Tank 04/04/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Why Canít I Find My Soul Mate? 04/03/2008 (Short Creative Writings)
Soldier's Creed 03/28/2008 (Military and War - by vets)
Two Become One 02/27/2008 (Thoughts)
Airman's Creed 02/27/2008 (Spiritual)
Everything I Do, I Do It For
02/22/2008 (Life Lessons)
The Center 02/20/2008 (Family)
Natural Progression 02/19/2008 (Nature)
A Godless Generation 02/19/2008 (Religious and Religion)
The Prophet 02/03/2008 (Religious and Religion)
I Love You 01/08/2008 (Romantic - Romance)
The Word Of The Lord (sonnet) 01/08/2008 (Religious and Religion)
Tears In The Rain 12/28/2007 (Love lost or ending)
My Curse 12/20/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Allegory Of The Dungeon 11/24/2007 (Spiritual)
Homeless 11/02/2007 (Life Lessons)
Simulation Revelation 10/07/2007 (Thoughts)
Possessions 09/28/2007 (Reflective)
Sociopath 09/26/2007 (Religious and Religion)
The Lost 09/12/2007 (Religious and Religion)
Before She Beats (parody Of
Before He Cheats)
09/11/2007 (Humorous)
Eternity 09/04/2007 (Thoughts)
A Test For True Believers 08/19/2007 (Religious and Religion)
What Happened To Musicís Soul? 08/19/2007 (Pondering)
Charles, The Hammer 08/19/2007 (Military and War)
Casualties Of War 08/19/2007 (Love lost or ending)
When I Praise You 08/19/2007 (Religious and Religion)
Tips 08/19/2007 (Religious and Religion)
Life Is Hell 08/19/2007 (Spiritual)
Dreams And Consequences 08/19/2007 (Religious and Religion)
The Shopping Cart 08/19/2007 (Reflective)
Cain 03/14/2007 (Religious and Religion)
Chastity 03/14/2007 (Life Lessons)
A Simple Twist Of Fate 03/10/2007 (Reflective)
Neanderthal 03/10/2007 (Nature)
The Visitor -revised- 02/15/2007 (Spiritual)
Rope 02/03/2007 (Spiritual)
What Is The Origin Of The
01/13/2007 (Short Creative Writings)
How Did Noah Care For The
01/13/2007 (Short Creative Writings)
Touched By An Angel 01/05/2007 (Angels - spiritual)
Christmas 12/26/2006 (Holidays)
A Christmas Story 12/25/2006 (Holidays)
Noah's Ark 12/01/2006 (Religious and Religion)
The Meaning Of Yíall 11/23/2006 (Humorous)
The Wish 11/17/2006 (Music or Lyrical)
Epitaph 11/15/2006 (Spiritual)
Five Water Balloons 11/15/2006 (Life Lessons)
Sailorís Creed 10/17/2006 (Spiritual)
The Boy Who Walked On Water 10/04/2006 (Spiritual)
Origin Of The Kiss 09/25/2006 (Spiritual)
The Mouseís Tale 09/19/2006 (Children's Poetry - for kids)
I Tried 09/18/2006 (Spiritual)
Compliments 09/18/2006 (Thoughts)
Our Lord Speaks 09/17/2006 (Spiritual)
Bless Me 09/07/2006 (Religious and Religion)
Societal Drift 08/31/2006 (Life Journeys)
Judgment 08/26/2006 (Religious and Religion)
The Tides Of Time 08/23/2006 (Spiritual)
Promises 08/22/2006 (Love)
Reach Beyond The Circles 08/20/2006 (Religious and Religion)
Pick-up Line 08/19/2006 (Humorous)
Memoirs And Battle Scars 08/11/2006 (Romantic - Romance)
The Janitor 08/10/2006 (Inspirational and Strength)
Something From Nothing 08/07/2006 (Pondering)
Your Soul Mate 06/24/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Friendship 06/20/2006 (Friendship)
The Ride Of Israel Bissell 06/09/2006 (Military and War)
The Inquisitive Bee 06/06/2006 (Children's Poetry - for kids)
Great Responsibility 05/22/2006 (Religious and Religion)
The Other Cheek 05/15/2006 (Spiritual)
Renegade 05/12/2006 (Religious and Religion)
From Here To Eternity 05/10/2006 (Spiritual)
Dead Man Walking 05/05/2006 (Spiritual)
The Walk 05/05/2006 (Spiritual)
My Quest 03/05/2006 (Love - waiting for)
God For A Day 03/05/2006 (Religious and Religion)
Love -sonnet- 03/05/2006 (Love - passionate)
Family 03/05/2006 (Family)
Iíll Try 03/05/2006 (Life Lessons)
The Ten Commandments 03/05/2006 (Religious and Religion)
The Alamo -sonnet- 03/05/2006 (Military and War)
Life Stages In Senryu 10/21/2005 (Life Journeys)
Birth -haiku- 10/20/2005 (Life Journeys)
Peace 10/20/2005 (Life Lessons)
High Expectations -haiku- 10/20/2005 (Life Lessons)
The Scryer Of Pompeii 10/19/2005 (Miscellaneous)
The Life Of A Party Girl 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Created Equal 10/19/2005 (Religious and Religion)
True Love -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Your Destination -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Mansions -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Peace -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Legacy -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
The Closer You Get -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Judgment -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
In Love -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Pawns -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
True Beauty -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Victory -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Limits Untested -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
The Right Choice -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
Just A Box -haiku- 10/19/2005 (Life Lessons)
In A Mirror Dimly 10/05/2005 (Life Lessons)
Spiderman 10/05/2005 (Fantasy)
Beautiful Life 10/05/2005 (Life Lessons)
Wandering Angel 10/05/2005 (Spiritual)
Mitochondrial Eve - Where
Evolution Fails
10/05/2005 (Religious and Religion)
The Visit 10/05/2005 (Religious and Religion)
She Said, He Said 10/05/2005 (Marriage)
Walking With The Lord 10/05/2005 (Spiritual)
A Song For Our Soldiers 10/05/2005 (Military and War - by vets)
Mother Goose 10/05/2005 (Life Lessons)
Final Judgment 10/05/2005 (Spiritual)
Life By The Drop 10/05/2005 (Spiritual)
Blessing 10/05/2005 (Marriage)
Loved And Lost 10/05/2005 (Love lost or ending)
Riddle 10/05/2005 (Choices)
Part Of His Flock 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Faces 05/02/2005 (Life Lessons)
My Author 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Poetís Ball 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
The First Christmas Day
05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Mom 05/02/2005 (Family)
Prophets Of The Modern Age 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Beyond Imagination 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Gehazi 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Iím Just Me 05/02/2005 (Life Lessons)
Redneck Christmas 05/02/2005 (Humorous)
Dark Angel 05/02/2005 (Religious and Religion)
The Rights Of Marriage 05/02/2005 (Political)
The Fighting Forty Four 05/02/2005 (Military and War - by vets)
I Love Her 05/02/2005 (Humorous)
If I Should Die Tomorrow 04/25/2005 (Love)
The Navigator 04/25/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Origin Of Motion 04/25/2005 (Religious and Religion)
Beginnings 04/25/2005 (Religious and Religion)
My Invisible Friend 04/25/2005 (Inspirational and Strength)
Treasure 10/13/2004 (Spiritual)
Junk 10/13/2004 (Spiritual)
An Unknown Destination 10/13/2004 (Religious and Religion)
A Loverís Lament 10/13/2004 (Love lost or ending)
A Loverís Sonnet 10/13/2004 (Love)
God Must Not Exist 06/29/2004 (Religious and Religion)
G I Jenny 06/29/2004 (Military and War)
The Soldier 06/29/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Prophesy iv 06/29/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Paul 06/29/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Dogs And Cats 06/07/2004 (Humorous)
There Is A Place 06/07/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Poetic Exorcism 06/07/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Epitaph For A Wayfaring Soul 06/07/2004 (Death - tribute)
The Roads Not Taken 06/07/2004 (Family)
Somewhere Under The Rainbow 04/04/2004 (Depression)
Passion 04/04/2004 (Religious and Religion)
No More Tears In Heaven 04/04/2004 (Death)
Wings 03/04/2004 (Religious and Religion)
The Last Cheaterís Waltz 03/04/2004 (Short Stories - poetic)
The Neighbor 02/21/2004 (Reflective)
Redneck Wedding 02/21/2004 (Humorous)
Assigning A Face To God 02/21/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Redneck Valentine 02/21/2004 (Humorous)
Reflections Of A Wayfaring
02/21/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
It Isnít Heaven Without You 01/28/2004 (Love)
Lycanthrope 01/28/2004 (Mythical)
Soul Mates 01/28/2004 (Miscellaneous)
The Cleric And The Ass 01/28/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Redneck Divorce 01/28/2004 (Humorous)
Seabiscuit 01/07/2004 (Animals)
Catís Eyes - A Fairytale 01/07/2004 (Short Stories - poetic)
City On The Edge Of Forever 01/07/2004 (Spiritual)
Me N My Soul 01/07/2004 (Humorous)
Forks In The Road 01/07/2004 (Spiritual)
Face To Face 12/22/2003 (Spiritual)
Battlefield Earth 12/22/2003 (Spiritual)
Why? 12/22/2003 (Death)
Destination Hell 12/10/2003 (Spiritual)
Prophesy 3 12/10/2003 (Spiritual)
Kingdom In The Sky 12/10/2003 (Spiritual)
When We Were Kids 12/10/2003 (Friends)
The Final Chapter, Of Our
12/08/2003 (Love lost or ending)
The Patient 12/03/2003 (Life Lessons)
Affliction 12/03/2003 (Life Lessons)
Dad 12/03/2003 (Family)
How To Land A Husband 12/03/2003 (Life Lessons)
The Meaning Of Christmas 12/03/2003 (Spiritual)
Johnny Came Marching Home 11/22/2003 (Spiritual)
Butterfly Angels 11/22/2003 (Angels)
When You Look At Me 11/12/2003 (Heart Touching)
The Dog 11/12/2003 (Animals)
That Night 11/12/2003 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Ships That Pass In The Night 11/10/2003 (Love)
Cat On The Fence 11/04/2003 (Loneliness)
Visions 11/03/2003 (Military and War)
The Pursuit 11/03/2003 (Spiritual)
Roses For Mama 10/26/2003 (Holidays)
She Was Only Thirteen 10/26/2003 (Death)
A Walk With Jesus 10/26/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Underneath Your Bed 10/19/2003 (Holidays)
An Open Mind 10/19/2003 (Life Lessons)
The Prophet And The Preacher 10/19/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)
The Wizard And The Warrior 10/19/2003 (Fantasy)
Twenty Four Hours From Now 10/14/2003 (Death)
The Diary 10/14/2003 (Memories)
A Treeís Life 10/14/2003 (Nature)
Reality T.v. 10/14/2003 (Facing Reality)
What It Means To Be A
10/13/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Not The First 10/13/2003 (Love)
Would You Even Listen 10/12/2003 (Spiritual)
The Library 10/04/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Genie From Hell 10/04/2003 (Holidays)
My First Christmas Alone 10/04/2003 (Faith)
Let The Wise Pay Heed 10/04/2003 (Miscellaneous)
Questions -rhyme 10/04/2003 (Religious and Religion)
I Want To Wear Womenís
10/03/2003 (Humorous)
Questions 09/30/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Four Horsemen 09/30/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Ice Bowl 09/19/2003 (Sports)
Angels On The Battlefield 09/16/2003 (Angels - spiritual)
Goodbye To Rainbows 09/11/2003 (Love lost or ending)
Who Stole My Piece Of Chicken 09/11/2003 (Humorous)
That Damn Cat 09/04/2003 (Humorous)
A Missed Flight 09/04/2003 (Attack - 911)
Drunk Driver 09/04/2003 (Death)
Another Life 09/04/2003 (Life Lessons)
What's In The Box Dr. Phlox? 09/04/2003 (Searching For Answers)
Dark Visitors 08/30/2003 (Short Stories - poetic)
Methodical Pandemonium 08/29/2003 (Spiritual)
Lament Of A Great Mind 08/27/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Prophesy 2 08/27/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Comparative Analysis Of
Innocence And Guilt
08/27/2003 (Spiritual)
The Cross 08/27/2003 (Faith)
The Home Run Ball 08/16/2003 (Sports)
I Am God 08/16/2003 (Spiritual)
I Am Poetry 08/16/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
The Shadow Of Death 08/11/2003 (Love lost or ending)
A Tale From The Dark Side 08/11/2003 (Humorous)
The Wolf 08/10/2003 (Short Stories - poetic)
The Soldiers Lament 08/10/2003 (Military and War)
The Tattoo 08/10/2003 (Humorous)
The Killer 08/04/2003 (Gothic)
Thief Of Hearts 07/10/2003 (People)
Is This The World You're
Leaving Me?
07/08/2003 (Statements)
Offended 07/08/2003 (Statements)
Grandma Bea 07/08/2003 (Death - tribute)
They Can Stone Me 07/07/2003 (Faith)
The Fool 06/27/2003 (Life Lessons)
Nothing Else Matters 06/17/2003 (Time)
Jesus And Michael 06/09/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Answer To A Prayer 06/09/2003 (Life Journeys)
Come On Down To Bud's 06/09/2003 (Places)
Philip And Alexander 06/09/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Joe Was A Hero 06/08/2003 (Tributes)
In The Distance 06/08/2003 (Religious and Religion)
My Heart Is All That I Can
Give To You
06/08/2003 (Love)
The Life 05/26/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Farewell To Jimmy 05/21/2003 (Death)
Grandpa 05/17/2003 (Death - tribute)
Evolution Of The Heart 05/17/2003 (Life Journeys)
Ariel Sharon 05/17/2003 (Political)
Good Christian 05/11/2003 (People)
Rocky Mountain Lady 05/11/2003 (Humorous)
The Bible 05/04/2003 (Faith)
Golden Anniversary 05/04/2003 (Special Occasions)
My Golden Years 05/04/2003 (Love)
Who Was The One 04/26/2003 (Regret)
A Single Drop Of Ink 04/25/2003 (Religious and Religion)
If Jesus Were Just A Prophet 04/25/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Deal 04/25/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Wall 04/25/2003 (Religious and Religion)
A Battle Begins 04/11/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Centurion 04/11/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Measure Of A Man 04/11/2003 (Life Lessons)
Prophesy 04/04/2003 (Statements)
Captain Patch 03/30/2003 (Humorous)
The Passenger 03/30/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The British Are Coming 03/30/2003 (Military and War)
Once Upon A Lifetime 03/23/2003 (Happiness)
Captain America 03/23/2003 (Patriotism)
Answers 03/23/2003 (Faith)
The Second Time Around 03/23/2003 (Special Occasions)
The First Stone 03/16/2003 (Life Lessons)
I Saw Elvis In Jamaica 03/16/2003 (Humorous)
Poetry 03/15/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
Legends Never Die 03/15/2003 (People)
The Messenger 03/08/2003 (Political)
The Race 03/08/2003 (Thoughts)
The Center Of The Universe 03/08/2003 (Thoughts)
Who I Am 03/08/2003 (Life Lessons)
The Gardener 03/08/2003 (Life Lessons)
Viagra 03/02/2003 (Humorous)
The Phone Call 03/02/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Singer 03/02/2003 (People)
The Cop 03/02/2003 (People)
The Path 03/02/2003 (Spiritual)
Fallen Angel 12/31/1969 (Angels - spiritual)
My Daughter's Friend 02/25/2003 (Suicidal Thoughts)
War 02/23/2003 (Military and War)
In God's Defense 02/23/2003 (Religious and Religion)
My Deadbeat Uncle 02/23/2003 (Humorous)
The Vows 02/23/2003 (Love)
The Proposal 02/23/2003 (Love)
The Choice 02/22/2003 (Love)
Billy 02/16/2003 (Friendship)
Martin 02/16/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
The Prisoner 02/16/2003 (People)
The Red White And Blue 02/16/2003 (Patriotism)
Dirty Dan Mcguire 02/16/2003 (Patriotism)
Nightmare 02/16/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
I Could Have Been 02/11/2003 (Statements)
The Circle Of Life 01/27/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
Jesus 01/16/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Children Of The Night 01/16/2003 (Statements)
The Bard 01/16/2003 (Fantasy)
The Visitor 01/16/2003 (Spiritual)
The Unicorn 01/16/2003 (Mythical)
The Madman 01/16/2003 (People)
Parodies 01/16/2003 (Thoughts)
My Odyssey 01/16/2003 (Dreams - sleep)
The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 01/16/2003 (Places)
The Photograph 01/16/2003 (Love unrequited)
The Promise 01/16/2003 (Love)
I Will Always Love You 01/16/2003 (Marriage)
A Garden On The Plain 01/16/2003 (Love)
A Castle Made Of Sand 01/16/2003 (Love)
Angels Of The Lord 01/16/2003 (Angels - spiritual)
Father Time 01/15/2003 (Humorous)
My Brother 01/15/2003 (Family)
Games 01/15/2003 (Life Lessons)
The Mountain 01/15/2003 (Things)
Matthew 01/15/2003 (Death - tribute)
The Hobo 01/15/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Melody 01/15/2003 (Military and War)
My Prayer 01/15/2003 (Religious and Religion)
A Fairytale 01/15/2003 (Fantasy)
The Gentleman 01/15/2003 (Love unrequited)
Suicide 01/13/2003 (Death)
A Hero Named Ray 01/10/2003 (Tributes)
Coma 12/16/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Methuselah - A Lesson In
08/30/2002 (Religious and Religion)
Monsters 05/04/2002 (Drugs and Alcohol)

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