Poems by Category :- Military Memories

4/1/67 .... Somewhere Between Xa Nhi Binh And Binh Trung - Shiloh After War - Dreamer
Atonement - Shiloh December '64 - Shiloh
December 1964, Shreveport Louisiana - Shiloh I Guess You Can Go Home Again.... - Shiloh
I Remember When - Shiloh In A Bar In Fukuoka City, Kyushu - Shiloh
In Country - JMarshall M. I. A. ( Missing In Action ) - Mark Spencer
Making Footprints - Marty Henry Mister Lonely - Shiloh
On Passing The Avenue Of Honour - Francis Duggan Parade (6/13/86) - John Feddeler
Rap Group - Shiloh Soldier - Wheres Your Name Tag?! - Shiloh
Sometime In January 1965 - Shiloh The Donut Dolly - Shiloh
The Photograph - Shiloh The Sergeant - Shiloh
The Soldier - Udiah They Smile As They Lie To The Kids - Shiloh
Too Many... - Shiloh Veterans Day Mess Hall - Shiloh
When I Came Home - Shiloh You Walk Point, Steve, I'll Take Tail End... - Shiloh

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