Empyrea (em-pi-ree)
Author: Mark Spencer


Within the archives of the past
The die of paradise was cast
And woven into its design
The threads of purity entwined

And in this place virtue prevailed
The sea of righteousness was sailed
For all who dwelled here were content
They had no reasons to repent

Until they heard the herald’s horn
The king announced a prince was born
The prince received authority
Over the souls of Empyrea

And even in the king’s own court
The seeds of pride would soon distort
The harmony of this domain
With plots to end the prince’s reign

And in a garden planted there
A trap was set that would ensnare
A restless heart that wanted more
As doubt came knocking at the door

The serpent said “you will not die
This fruit will open your mind’s eye
And you will be just like the king
Aware of good and evil things”

And so the prince and princess bride
Were filled with doubt and then with pride
And they defied their king’s command
Who cast them from this sacred land

Their eyes were opened to a world
Where seas of self-indulgence swirled
A world where doubt flowed through their blood
And left them crawling in the mud

For paradise was out of reach
A veil that only death could breach
Now they must labor to survive
And struggle just to stay alive

And all who let their vanity
Inflict such vile insanity
Were cast into the mud as well
Condemned to self inflicted hell

And they again would never see
The shining shores of Empyrea
For death will never come to them
Without rebirth they are condemned

For those consumed by selfish goals
Let vain pursuits corrupt their souls
Once greed and lust defined the prize
No other sight could fill their eyes

The fallen mocked the righteous way
The king they tried to drive away
Corrupting man’s integrity
Would lock him out of Empyrea

As for the prince and princess too
They soon forgot what they once knew
This realm below became their home
Vague memories would fill their tome

A tome that soon became a tool
The wicked used to trick the fool
And make him think his path was right
Though earthly dreams were his delight

And so the king reshaped the word
That formed the beasts the fish and birds
He gave it flesh just like the man
And set the stage for a new plan

The word became a sacrifice
A Lamb to pay a costly price
His blood was spilled to save the prince
And all who ask for His defense

Yet some believed that they were blessed
For simply making this request
They did not change how they behaved
They just assumed that they were saved

They bragged about their piety
Their rapturous nobility
And held themselves above the throng
A place where they said they belong

And all they did to earn this perch
Was fill a pew within a church
They sang a hymn and said a prayer
To let the king know they were there

But from their hearts the king could hear
Intentions that were insincere
Their righteousness was only talk
It was a path they could not walk

But there were others down below
Whose virtue kept them on the go
They loved the Lamb and all His ways
Sincerity was in their praise

And when the king unlocked the gates
The Lamb assigned the final fates
To those who loved and those who lied
And to the prince and princess bride

Among the saved no boast was heard
No doubt was cast upon the Word
And trust returned to paradise
Redeemed by the Lamb’s sacrifice

For it was he that shined the light
That helped the blind regain their sight
He built the bridge that crossed the sea
And led them back to Empyrea


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Wayne ( -- Thursday, September 4 2014, 04:42 am


Wow! Nice flow! Great wording! And a nice spin on the creation story!
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