Mark Spencer's Writings

Dark Visitors 08/30/2003 (Short Stories - poetic)
Methodical Pandemonium 08/29/2003 (Spiritual)
Lament Of A Great Mind 08/27/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Prophesy 2 08/27/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Comparative Analysis Of
Innocence And Guilt
08/27/2003 (Spiritual)
The Cross 08/27/2003 (Faith)
The Home Run Ball 08/16/2003 (Sports)
I Am God 08/16/2003 (Spiritual)
I Am Poetry 08/16/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
The Shadow Of Death 08/11/2003 (Love lost or ending)
A Tale From The Dark Side 08/11/2003 (Humorous)
The Wolf 08/10/2003 (Short Stories - poetic)
The Soldiers Lament 08/10/2003 (Military and War)
The Tattoo 08/10/2003 (Humorous)
The Killer 08/04/2003 (Gothic)
Thief Of Hearts 07/10/2003 (People)
Is This The World You're
Leaving Me?
07/08/2003 (Statements)
Offended 07/08/2003 (Statements)
Grandma Bea 07/08/2003 (Death - tribute)
They Can Stone Me 07/07/2003 (Faith)
The Fool 06/27/2003 (Life Lessons)
Nothing Else Matters 06/17/2003 (Time)
Jesus And Michael 06/09/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Answer To A Prayer 06/09/2003 (Life Journeys)
Come On Down To Bud's 06/09/2003 (Places)
Philip And Alexander 06/09/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Joe Was A Hero 06/08/2003 (Tributes)
In The Distance 06/08/2003 (Religious and Religion)
My Heart Is All That I Can
Give To You
06/08/2003 (Love)
The Life 05/26/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Farewell To Jimmy 05/21/2003 (Death)
Grandpa 05/17/2003 (Death - tribute)
Evolution Of The Heart 05/17/2003 (Life Journeys)
Ariel Sharon 05/17/2003 (Political)
Good Christian 05/11/2003 (People)
Rocky Mountain Lady 05/11/2003 (Humorous)
The Bible 05/04/2003 (Faith)
Golden Anniversary 05/04/2003 (Special Occasions)
My Golden Years 05/04/2003 (Love)
Who Was The One 04/26/2003 (Regret)
A Single Drop Of Ink 04/25/2003 (Religious and Religion)
If Jesus Were Just A Prophet 04/25/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Deal 04/25/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Wall 04/25/2003 (Religious and Religion)
A Battle Begins 04/11/2003 (Religious and Religion)
Centurion 04/11/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The Measure Of A Man 04/11/2003 (Life Lessons)
Prophesy 04/04/2003 (Statements)
Captain Patch 03/30/2003 (Humorous)
The Passenger 03/30/2003 (Religious and Religion)
The British Are Coming 03/30/2003 (Military and War)
Once Upon A Lifetime 03/23/2003 (Happiness)
Captain America 03/23/2003 (Patriotism)
Answers 03/23/2003 (Faith)
The Second Time Around 03/23/2003 (Special Occasions)
The First Stone 03/16/2003 (Life Lessons)
I Saw Elvis In Jamaica 03/16/2003 (Humorous)
Poetry 03/15/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
Legends Never Die 03/15/2003 (People)
The Messenger 03/08/2003 (Political)

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