Poems by Category :- Gothic

A Deadly Romance - Razors Blood A Drop Of Blood - Sax
A Shade Of White And A Shade Of Black - Sax A Sweet Predator She Is - Karla Bardanza
Alone Forever - Damia Angel - Sax
Angel Of Death - Mike At Last -
Black Cross - Sax Black Night - Night Sight - Sax
Black Thorns Of Death - Dark Priestess Blackness - Karma
Broodling - Sax Burn In Fire - Dreamisha
Cemetary Army - Sax Child Of Death - Fallen_Angel
Countdown For Us Strange Ones - Dementia Dark Dreamer - Hellsing
Dark Goddess - James Dark Lights - Dark Priestess
Dark Lone Streets - Taylor James Dark Renewal - Stella
Death - Simik Decay - Sax
Desiration Of The Fire - Forgotton Sorrows Escape Of Death - Kate
Evile - Danielle Falling For You - Jade
Full Moon Blues - Hellsing Half Side Emotions - Sax
I Can't Lose You - Sax Journey Through Life - Jenna
Judged - Karma Just A Glance - Vampyr Tears
Light In The Skys - Sax Love Rain - Dreamisha
Mind Games - Sax Mind's Sleep - Lonnie Hicks
Night - Damia Night Falls On The Heart - Karma
Night Stalker - Mike Nightmares - Simik
No Longer Me - Heaven Obsessionise Luvers - Dreamisha
On This Road - Karri Prisoner - David -Doc- Byron
The Black Widow Dances - Kimberlee The Coffin, My Favorite Place - Karri
The Crying Rose - Dreamisha The Inner Vampire - Sax
The Killer - Mark Spencer The Lady Of The Lake - Mike
The Thirst - Damia Undead Army - Mike
Undead Army -revised - Mike Undying - Hellsing
You Don't Tell Me - Willahh  

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