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10th Anniversary Of My Fate - Barbara Goodhew 2005 And - Ben Franklin
27 December - 1967 & 2017 - LAR 64 Days - Shaz
A Blink - Luke Mudge A Long Way, From Home - ShyHeart
A Look In The Mirror - Elizabeth A Modern Maiden's Dream - ShyHeart
A New Game - Elizabetta A Star - Barbara Goodhew
A Temporary Eternity - Elizabetta All That Is Remaining - Pamela O'Brien
Always Look On The Brightside Of Life. - Jughead And Then It Was Gone - Seizure
And What Would Rome Say - Daphne Artisan's Clay - Daphne
Back Roads - Maranda Berkley Back-track - Natalie Leer
Beneath Our Windows.. - Ben Franklin Better Than Me - Xeracy
Bewilderment - Shiloh Blind For Just A Day. - Ben Franklin
Bracelet & Hair Pin - Ben Franklin Buttercups - Billy Campbell
Caesar Has Declared - Daphne Carefree - Elizabetta
Change - Barbara Goodhew Change - Booze
Change - Nikki Change - Willahh
Change - Dija Abernathy Change - Keith
Changes - Dreamer Changes - Neelam Shah
Changes Last Forever - Korie Poleo Changes. - Paula
Changing Tides - Dreamer Chasing Rainbows - Catyrose
Cold Afterthoughts - Mental Concealed Feelings - waltzingwithyouforever
Dad - Brittany Walker Dad Let Me Breathe! - Britney
Dark Fires - RubyDragon Dealing With It: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
Diamond - Ben Franklin Discovering Myself - Series100
Divine Intervention - Pezo Dreams - Meg
Empty Nest Syndrome - David Soriano Every Breath - Terrie*
Evolved - LCN Faith - AJ
Falling In Love With Someone New... - Terrie* Feels Good - Squirrol
Finger Points Back - Ben Franklin First Step - Ben Franklin
Five Songs Which Will End The World: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Forbidden To Touch - Shorty
Fragile - Phonicpodd Goodbye & Hello - Pamela O'Brien
Half Full - Shan Hate - Crimson Angel
Have You... - LinzAy I Am - Shorty
I Am Who I Am - Dolphin Chick I Have An Idea! - Ben Franklin
I Prefer... - Ben Franklin I See You, In Black & White - ShyHeart
I Treasure That - LAR I Won't Let This Happen Again Ever - Megan
I'm A Rebel - Capricorn I'm Back - Angel Laney
I'm Changing - KitKatrina I'm Not Sure - Ry
I'm The Explorer - Doug Dunigan I've Never Changed - Webster
Ideologies, Curiosities And Other Enigmas: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Imitating Life - Mental
In This Moment We Call Forever: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Innocence - Casey
Inside The Fire - Doug Dunigan Invitation - April Erwin
It Is All Gone - Terrie* It Is Not True - Willahh
It Must Be Me - TrueLife It Won't Happen - LinzAy
It's Time This Time - Shan Left Remembered - Kadhir
Let Me Shine - Emilee Lets Show Them... - Ben Franklin
Life - Catyrose Life - SouthPaw
Lifes Journey - Kay_13 Little Bitty Snowfall - Shiloh
Little Things... - Ben Franklin Looking Back - Barbara Goodhew
Lost - Sax Lost Soul - Leah06
Love Hurts So Much - SoMe1iNLuV Make A Change - Barbara Goodhew
Make It History - Ben Franklin Maybe Lost, But Always There - Miztrebor
Me And My Dady - BabyGirl Melting Ice - Pondering Red
Mistakes - April Erwin My Eyes, Metaphorically - RinRin
My Swing Park - Ben Franklin Never Promise Me... - Terrie*
New Identity - Paige News - Clive B Ringshall
Nightmare - StarlightDreamer No End - Leah
No More - Jennylisa Not The Man I Used To Be - C. Scott
Occupational Hazards: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Oceans Apart, Close In My Heart - CD
Old Dog... New Tricks - C. Scott Open Eyes - Tarna
Our Fertile Land - Dino Hi Paths To Destiny: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
Personality - Barbara Goodhew Please Come Back Mr. Protester.. - Ben Franklin
Please Love Me For Me - RainFlyer8 Pluto - LinzAy
Polluted Covered Stars - Ben Franklin Promise - Angel Laney
Protected And Loved - Jessica G Remember Me. - Emma-Louise
Remember The Days - AJ Resisting The Change Of Old Familiar Ways: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
Restless Spirits - Tonya Dzierzon Return Of An Angel - Sax
Routine Life - Pamela O'Brien Ruts - Lynn
Safe Right Here - Devilyangelic Scorched Past Policy - Diaos
Seasons Changing - CD See Me - Your Melody
Sermon 132: The Formula For Peace - Mark Spencer Skeptic - Barbara Goodhew
Slipping Away - Emma-Louise Some Things Never Change - Meridian Zuriel
Someday I'll Be Okay - Sweet_Suicide Stability Please - Megan
Stand Up Tall ! - Marilyn A F Longfellow Start Again - Seizure
Stepping Back In - Dreamer Story - Shan
Summer Dayz - Heaven Sunshine Behind - Mental
Technology - Barbara Goodhew Test From Afar - Dreamer
Thank You God - Leah The Bathroom Floor - Pondering Red
The Butterfly - Dimples The Chronicles Of Change And This Unfinished Book: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
The Continuity Of Life And Its Narrative Flow: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart The Cut - Leah06
The Day That Christmas Died - Holly The Exodus - Pezo
The Five 'r' Words Which Could Change The World: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart The High Road - Catyrose
The Poet That Didn't Get Out Much - tommyg The Problems Of Change - Miztrebor
The Stages Of Life We Go Through - Barbara Goodhew The Tide - Dreamer
The Truth - Shorty The Truth Can Set You Free - Emilee
The Unforgiven - Michael Bradley Nelson The Usual Suspects - Will Berry
The Winds Of Change - Catyrose They - Senko
Threat Of Summer - Elizabetta Time - Newage Caveman
Time Changes - Laura Time To Let Go - sarah*
Time Wasted - Barbara Goodhew Times Change - Seizure
Times Change - Stacey To Get Through - Shan
To Get Through - Shan To Sleep - Prozac Princess
Tonights Main Headline - Ben Franklin Too Late Is An Option... - Shiloh
Trading - Barbara Goodhew Two Words Which Make A Difference! - Colin Stewart
Unknown Tomorrows - Dreamer Untitled At This Time - Tammy
Untitled Change - Shan Victims Unite - Ben Franklin
Violence Solves 0 - Meridian Zuriel Walking There To Here And Back Again - Simik
We All Have Rights - Barbara Goodhew We Have People.. - Ben Franklin
Welcoming My Mind Back Home - Luke Mudge What Comes First Now - Barbara Goodhew
What Happened - SouthPaw What Happened - Barbara Goodhew
When Greed Set In - Dreamer When You Came Into My Life - Tonya
Where Did It All Go Wrong - Meg Where Is My today - Dorothy C. Fox
Winter Days - Sarah Taurus Wishing Once Again - Seizure
With Dividends Of Change Come Rewards: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Words - Ben Franklin
You - Kayla Martin You - Cody Christopher
You Are The One - Clive B Ringshall You Asked Me - Terrie*
Youthful Years - KitKatrina  

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