Poems by Category :- Choices

.. Me Not You.. - FoRsAkEn ... And Walk Away - Shiloh
11:28pm - Shiloh A Choice For A Reason - Shan
A Cup Of Coffee - Hugs A Decision Everyone Faces - Sharita
A Doer - Barbara Goodhew A Dream Reawakened - Shiloh
A Musician's World - Ben Franklin All We Got - Shan
All You - Salad Alone - Dreamer
Another Night With Death - Miztrebor As We Cross The Rubicon: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
Bad Choices - tommyg Being Me - Barbara Goodhew
Blaming Instead Of Thanking - Barbara Goodhew Bonded Words - Taylor James
Brother Death - Dreamer By Choice - Dreamer
Can't Face It - Shorty Children - Barbara Goodhew
Choices - Sundae Choices - BrianV
Choices Made From The Buffet Of Life: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Climbing Mountains - Dreamer
Conformity - Dreamer Critisim - Barbara Goodhew
Dangling - Chris G Vaillancourt Dear Younger Me - Pamela O'Brien
Decisions - C. Scott Desperation - Without Destination - Pamela O'Brien
Destination - Barbara Goodhew Did You Think - Danielle W
Divine - Barbara Goodhew Easy !! - Clive B Ringshall
Evil's Power - Dreamer Feeling Purple - Dreamer
Fine Til You - Shorty Five Card Draw - Shiloh
Fix Your Fate - Miztrebor Forever Ever In A Dream - Shira
Forgetting - Chris G Vaillancourt Friends - Anna Banana
Go Ahead And Just Write - Shiloh God Child - Willahh
Hearts - Catyrose High - Meridian Zuriel
Hold U Back - Meridian Zuriel I Am, The Smile - ShyHeart
I Know - Barbara Goodhew I Set Myself Free - PoisonIvy
I Will Be Human - RinRin Ideology: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
In Control - Marilyn A F Longfellow In Your Court - Ben Franklin
Individuality - Dreamer Insanity - Crayton
Just A Bit - Shiloh Life's Test - Lamar Cole
Lock Down - tommyg Lost In Your Mandala - Pondering Red
Me - Crayton Misunderstood - Barbara Goodhew
My Life - Jorjette My World - Moonstarshine
Nature And The Nature Of Man: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart No More Dragons - Dreamer
Of Everyman - Shiloh Once Is Enough For Me - Barbara Goodhew
One Of A Kind - Barbara Goodhew Organization - Barbara Goodhew
Passion - Barbara Goodhew Perhaps - Shiloh
Plan - Lamar Cole Pregnancy - Barbara Goodhew
Riddle - Mark Spencer Some People And Others - SCSnicoleSCS
Take It Back - Pamela O'Brien The Architects Of Deconstruction: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
The Choice - Cody Christopher The End - Shan
The Pecking Order: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart The Right - Shan
The Scott Song - Shorty The Situation - Crush Me
The So Called Coward And The Traitor - Francis Duggan The Truth And Nothing But: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
The Will - Shan These Burning Embers Of Our Mind: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
These Choices Made Are A Blessing Or A Curse: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart These Choices Which Lead Us Down The Garden Path: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
This One - Shan To Be A Loner - Barbara Goodhew
To Sleep... Perchance To Dream... - Shiloh Today - Luke Mudge
Tomorrow - Luke Mudge Torn - Tonya
Truth - Jim Truth ; Vulnerable - Shorty
Typical Guy - MiZz_DoLLarZz Underneath - Dreamer
Understand - LinzAy Unplanned For Children - Barbara Goodhew
Unwanted - Barbara Goodhew Waiting - Barbara Goodhew
Weather - Barbara Goodhew What Is Right - Barbara Goodhew
What To Do - SCSnicoleSCS What We Believe In - Dolphin Chick
Who I Once Was - Tarna Wondering - Barbara Goodhew
Yin And Yang - Colin Stewart You Call It - Cody Christopher
You Chose Him Part 1 - Taylor James You Stoopid - C. Scott
Your Choice - Barbara Goodhew Your Choices - Shy Surfer

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