The Knowledge Of Good And Evil
Author: Mark Spencer


The knowledge of good and evil
Did not enlighten man.
Instead his eyes were closed to truth
Thatís how this world began.

For when the eye is closed to truth,
It doesnít cease to see.
It opens to another world,
A false reality.

Where good and evil warp the truth,
To make the lie seem real.
Confirmed by sights, sounds, tastes, and scents,
And everything we feel.

Five senses become our gospel,
The target of our faith.
And anything we canít perceive,
Is no more than a wraith.

Just some fabled apparition,
Depended on by fools,
Used to keep the masses fearful,
And following the rules.

A single minded paradigm
Is what man falls into.
Believing right is on his side,
He THINKS he knows whatís true.

And though heís never seen the truth,
He still puffs up with pride.
Accepting academic views,
As though theyíd never lied.

And both sides of this proud debate
Believe their views are right.
They argue with indignity,
And mock their foes with spite.

Itís a form of good and evil.
Youíre evil, I am good.
Your beliefs lead to war and hate,
Far more than any should!

Because Iím good I do not judge,
I simply state the facts.
Your beliefs were convicted by
Their many evil acts.

This closed minded way of thinking
Compels us to take sides.
While truth could bring us unity,
A lie only divides.

We assume that we have knowledge,
We think we see the light.
Our judgment of what others think,
Has robbed us of our sight.

It determines who our friends are,
Infects our family,
My judgment of judgmental souls,
Is righteousness to me.

Iím sure youíve known someone like this,
The one whoís always right.
A person, unimpeachable,
With narcissistic might.

Even the things they cannot know,
They treat as if they do.
They condescend in their reproach
Of things believed by you.

The truth is, we donít know the truth,
Despite what we might hope.
Sometimes belief is just a tool,
Designed to help us cope.

Because it is, we often leap
Into it, heart and soul.
This basket where weíve placed our eggs,
Is more than just a goal.

We depend on our conclusions,
Like we depend on air.
They tell us where our journey ends,
And help us to prepare.

But doubt creeps in with every soul,
That canít see what we see.
To the doubter, itís offensive,
When we do not agree.

The roads we walk seem good to us,
So why canít others see?
Why do so many souls reject
Whatís obvious to me?

That thought has crossed most of our minds,
Itís fueled many a fight.
We want to know what canít be known,
And be sure that weíre right.

But none of us are right, you see,
Our senses make us blind.
And so we must depend on faith
For what the end will find.

ĎTil then weíll fight, and argue on,
Through this vain upheaval.
Created by the fallout from
Knowing good and evil.

The knowledge of good and evil
Did not enlighten man.
Instead his eyes were closed to truth
Thatís how this all began.


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Well said brother. Bravo!
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