Joseph Ogbonna's Writings

Good Morning Rose 07/08/2019 (Love - just beginning)
To Josephine De Beauharnais
With Love
05/05/2019 (Love - just beginning)
A Love Letter To Josephine De
05/02/2019 (Love)
Chizzy 05/01/2019 (Love)
The Cry Of A Wounded Nigerian 04/28/2019 (Patriotism)
Adieu Felicia Enato 02/27/2019 (Death - tribute)
Christmas In War Torn Africa 12/18/2018 (Military and War)
Howard Carter's
Expedition(1922), A Revised
09/15/2018 (Historical (based on history))
Samson And Delilah 09/13/2018 (Historical (based on history))
A Christmas Sonnet 08/28/2018 (Holidays)
Europe My Realm Of Conquest 11/16/2016 (Tributes)
Napoleon's Nosatlgia 06/12/2016 (Tributes)
The Joy Of Christmas 12/10/2014 (Seasons)
My Marriage Proposal To
11/21/2014 (Marriage)
A Saintly Trip 11/13/2014 (Death - longing for)
The Sun 11/13/2014 (Nature)
The Adventure Of Noah's Raven 11/08/2014 (Short Stories - westerns)
A Lover's Journey 11/07/2014 (Love)
A Poet's Wedding Vow 10/29/2014 (Love - just beginning)
Mercy Mayaki 10/29/2014 (Friendship)
Melissa Campbell 10/27/2014 (Love - just beginning)
Snake And Human Exchange 10/27/2014 (Spiritual)
In My Deepest Melancholy 10/27/2014 (Depression)
Napoleon Bonaparte[1769-1821] 10/20/2014 (People)
A Tale Of Two Lovebirds 10/20/2014 (Friendship)
From Napoleon To Josephine 10/17/2014 (Love)
Napoleon's Love Letter To
10/17/2014 (Love)
Napoleon's Love Letter To
10/17/2014 (Love)
The Creation 10/16/2014 (Religious and Religion)
The Rhymes Of An Indisciplined
10/16/2014 (Terrorism)
A Poet's Love Letter 10/14/2014 (Love)
Lofty Desires 10/14/2014 (Fantasy)
Roses 10/14/2014 (Nature)
Good Morning Chizzie 10/14/2014 (Love)
Lucifer The Pride Of Heaven 10/13/2014 (Religious and Religion)
A Brief Journey Through Black
10/13/2014 (Reflective)
The Owl's Great Defense 10/13/2014 (Short Creative Writings)
The Path To Hell 10/09/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Life 10/09/2014 (Facing Reality)
The Christ Child 10/09/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Christmas Rhymes 10/09/2014 (Seasons)
Vanity Of Life 10/09/2014 (Facing Reality)
Howard Carter's
10/09/2014 (Short Stories - poetic)
The Fly 10/09/2014 (Nature)
To A Butterfly 10/09/2014 (Nature)
The Television 10/09/2014 (Passions)
Tribute To Princess Diana 10/09/2014 (Tributes)

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