2006 - 2007

The Plan:  33x14 2 story addition.  lower floor - kitchen-garage    upper- master suite with balcony/deck and hot tub

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November 6th We decide we need a driveway

...and here it comes



And the manual labor begins

Oh Oh.. not quite enough and it getting dark

Once the weather turned we took a winter break. Clint doesn't like to work in the cold. Now that spring is in the air we are at it again.

Though we still have a bit to go yet on the outside we have started on the inside, Once the weather gets nice we will move back out and finish up out there.

We have ordered the hot tub and have a plan to have the project finished in May. We'll see how close we can get to it.. There is still alot of work to be done.
From the doorway of the addition upstairs - This is the entry to the second story of the new addition.(March 7, 2007)

This is from the edge of the walk in closet

From the far end window looking back across at the bathroom and closet

The Closet walls go up

The whirlpool tub is in and the walls for the bathroom are going up

March 12,2007 and the walls are up. and glass is in

The glass windows allows the light into the bathroom. The same kind of glass you use for shower doors make it so you can't see in

The view of the windows from inside the bathroom.
You can see the texture better from here
You can get an idea of the what we are going after for lighting. We plan
on putting colored lights on the bathroom side so that there is a colored glow in the main room

We have purchased the wood to start on the deck that will hold the new hot tub. We will start work on this part of the project with weather permitting.

We are expecting to be ready for the hot tub in a month or two..
Much more coming... Stay tuned :)

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