Dino Hi's Writings

In The Bright 12/10/2002 (Nature)
The Pain! 12/06/2002 (Pain - physical)
A Hidden Valley 12/02/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Grandma Bird Fly Away 11/22/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Endless Puddles 11/17/2002 (Nature)
A Nice Dish 11/13/2002 (Humorous)
Brown-tan Recluse Spider 11/12/2002 (Humorous)
Nature's Park 11/10/2002 (Nature)
His Last Song 11/09/2002 (Death - tribute)
Did You Leave Paradise 11/07/2002 (Friends)
Catch The Geezer 11/07/2002 (Sports)
The Slamming Surf 11/05/2002 (Humorous)
Pots Of Gold! 10/26/2002 (Humorous)
The Reason For sunstroke
10/11/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
A Good Dog's Life 10/04/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Never Too Old 10/02/2002 (Time)
When It's Just Father And Sons 10/02/2002 (Sports)
Realize 09/21/2002 (Reminiscing)
The Frighten Of The Dark 12/31/1969 (Attack - 911)

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