Udiah's Writings

The Helios-sphere Of Flux 10/23/2013 (Nature)
Universal Motion 10/23/2013 (Nature)
Super Nova ( A Star Is Born) 10/23/2013 (Nature)
The Legend Of Snake Hollow 10/23/2013 (Short Stories - horror)
The Armor Of God 03/22/2013 (Religious and Religion)
Moses' Seat 03/22/2013 (Religious and Religion)
The Seven Thousand 03/22/2013 (Religious and Religion)
Shhh! Can't Hear The
08/07/2012 (Uncategorised)
It's In The Water! 08/07/2012 (Pondering)
Miso 08/03/2012 (Death)
Things One Might Need 06/25/2012 (Frustration)
To The Best Father Ever 06/13/2012 (Faith)
Statue 06/13/2012 (Religious and Religion)
Harvest Time 06/13/2012 (Faith)
Eat Your Chrome 06/11/2012 (Short Stories - horror)
Slaughter Of The Innocent 06/11/2012 (Death)
Solar Furnace 06/03/2012 (Nature)
Liberty 06/02/2012 (Patriotism)
Stormin' Mornin' 06/02/2012 (Nature)
Kiss Of My Love 06/02/2012 (Love - passionate)
A Pulitzer Prize 03/19/2012 (Short Creative Writings)
Please Love Someone 03/19/2012 (Short Creative Writings)
For Love 03/19/2012 (Short Creative Writings)
Making Billions 02/29/2012 (Disappointment)
The Watchman 02/29/2012 (Military and War)
Why I Love You 02/27/2012 (Love)
Miner Madness 02/26/2012 (Short Stories - non-fiction)
Too Much Of A Good Thing 02/26/2012 (Trust)
Fail Safe Safely 02/26/2012 (Trust)
Headlines 1966 02/26/2012 (Short Creative Writings)
An Important News Bulletin 02/26/2012 (Short Stories - fiction)
A Farce Exposed 11/23/2011 (Short Creative Writings)
Definition Of A Farce 11/23/2011 (Nature)
Semper Fi 10/04/2011 (Military and War)
The Greatest Birthday 11/07/2010 (Faith)
Is There A God? 10/15/2010 (Spiritual)
Decision 10/13/2010 (Faith)
A Prayer For Dad 09/16/2010 (Faith)
Morning Dove 09/14/2010 (Regret)
Not Let Go 09/14/2010 (Love lost or ending)
The Angel Of Death 09/11/2010 (Angels - spiritual)
The Weight Of Love 09/11/2010 (Love)
The Infection 09/11/2010 (Religious and Religion)
The Twelve Tribes 09/11/2010 (Religious and Religion)
Secret 09/10/2010 (Understanding)
Unwillingly Crushed 09/08/2010 (Love - just beginning)
So Says The Boss 09/08/2010 (Animals - Pets)
Lost Love 09/08/2010 (Love lost or ending)
God Bless Us 09/08/2010 (Military and War)
A Riddle 09/08/2010 (Things)
In The Garden 09/05/2010 (Faith)
The Soldier 09/05/2010 (Military Memories)
I'm Blest 09/05/2010 (Love)
The Greatest Artist 09/05/2010 (Spiritual)

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