Poems by Category :- Hate

Agonizing Screams - Demon Colors - T'Lonna Robbins
Evolution - Mike Fat - Nikki Pee
Guilt Trip - Mike Hate - Babygirl420
Hatetrid - Whitfield Hatred - Mere
Holocaust - Bipedalguy Human Hatred - Bipedalguy
Human Hatred (3rd Revision) - Bipedalguy Human Hatred (3rd Revision) - Bipedalguy
Human Hatred (revised) - Bipedalguy My Misert - Squishi_04
No Mercy, No More.. - Mike Not Needing You! -
Plead No More - Mike Sick Of This! - Angel In Tears
Sinner - Mike Sorry Love - Hunter
Such A Juvenile - Mere The Calm Before The Storm - Kali
The Curse - Thia The Dark Lord - Mike
They Laugh - Mere When You Come Home - Angel In Tears

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