Poems by Category :- Pain - inflicted

Almost Anorexic - Dragonsinger Bites Of A Dragon - Dreamer
Brown Eyes - Taylor James Defecation Of The Norm - Dreamer
Haunted - Victoria Umanah (Avikaie) Impending Darkness - Dreamer
It Broke - Dino Hi My People's Pain - Teresa Ortberg
Noel Is The King - LisaMarie Please - Tzuhsi
Suicide By Homicide - Seizure That Bed - Dino Hi
The Broken Child - Seizure The Captive Hare - Francis Duggan
The Mind Is A Fortress Against An Emotional Siege: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart The Pain Of Your Denial - Dreamer
This Haunted Torment Which Deceives The Mind: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Verbal Abuse - Charmaine
With A Rope Around The Neck - Karla Bardanza  

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