TriTran's Writings

The Pregnant Moon Of Autnm 12/05/2017 (Seasons)
Goodnight. Winter 04/10/2017 (Sadness)
The Parade Of The New Year 12/29/2009 (Holidays)
Dark Time 08/19/2009 (Emotions and Emotional)
A Life In The Usa 07/05/2009 (Pain - emotional)
The Victims Who Died As The
Titanic Sank
02/09/2009 (Death - tribute)
Happy Morn 02/06/2009 (Happiness)
Merry Time 02/06/2009 (Holidays)
My Princess 02/06/2009 (Dreams)
Meniska (lyric) 02/03/2009 (Music or Lyrical)
My Fare Well - Parting 12/31/2008 (Death)
A Peaceful Good Bye 12/16/2008 (Death - tribute)
I Give You The Four Seasons 12/13/2008 (Seasons)
A Christmas Eve (lyric) 12/11/2008 (Holidays)
A Tattered Rose In The Vortex
Of The Devils
11/28/2008 (Emotional Collapse)
Sunset Moment 06/04/2008 (Heartbreak)
Far But Within 05/23/2008 (Love - distance)
A Terrorist Vengeange 05/20/2008 (Rage)
Earthquake(to China2008) 05/15/2008 (Anger)
Ecstatic Joy 04/29/2008 (Fantasy - imagination)
Searching For Freedom 03/05/2008 (Abuse)
The Spirit Of Yuletide 12/20/2006 (Holidays)
Lust 12/09/2006 (Healing)
Wishful Mind 09/04/2006 (Dreams)
Queeny 08/17/2006 (Good-Byes)
My Own Planet 08/16/2006 (Dreams)
Sea Joy 08/09/2006 (Nature)
The Lying Lips 07/18/2006 (Betrayal)
The Journey Of A Heart Through
06/05/2006 (Life Journeys)
Plagiarism 04/12/2006 (Poetry and Poets)
On This Gloomy Earth 01/25/2005 (Heart Touching)
Time To Leave My Dreams 11/12/2004 (Good-Byes)
Untitled 10/08/2004 (Fantasy - imagination)
The Feeling Of Being Rejected 09/27/2004 (Pain - emotional)
Fantasmia 09/17/2004 (Dreams)
A Victim Of 2 Degree Burn 07/03/2004 (Accidents)
Witnessing The True Color Of
05/25/2004 (War and 911)
Summer Night 05/12/2003 (Nature)

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