Poems by Category :- Anger

" It's You Not Me " - Leah 480 Windows - Lotus
A Heroless World - Seizure A Matter Of Time - Mike
A Sinner's Fate - Seizure A Thousand Apologies - Mike
Advice - Capricorn Advise - Shan
All Alone - Crush Me All Involved - Willahh
Anger And Hate - Korie Poleo Angered Imperfections - Shaz
Away - Sax Bed Of Lies - Luke Mudge
Behind The Authors Eyes. - Senko Broken Soul - Eve
Can Someone Tell Me Why - Shiloh Coldness - Razors Blood
Crap - Shaun Crier's Code - Meridian Zuriel
Damn The Dragons - Dreamer Dear Life - Tara Barnwell
Double Standard - Ghost Dragon And Snake - Pondering Red
Earthquake(to China2008) - TriTran Ever Been So Mad - Texas
Everlasting War - Leah06 Existence - Mike
Fake Me - Sweet_Suicide Fallen Angel - Dark Priestess
Falling Faster Than Ever Before - PHScassiePHS Fat Part 2 - Nikki Pee
For What! - Simik For You - Ghost
Friends? - KitKatrina From Anger To Hate - Kadhir
From My Heart - No Longer - Shan From The Heart - Sax
Give Me Wings - Ben Franklin God Shot Me To Death - Karla Bardanza
God You May - Scorpio Graduation Day - Catyrose
Hate - Dreamer Hate - Paul Geurin
Hate And Hate - Samara Hate And Hell - Paul Geurin
Hatred Not Love - Melissa L He Stains In The Rain - Texas
Hiding - KitKatrina Home - Manny
Hope - Angelina How Strong Do U Think I Am? - Kay_13
How The Hell, Did You Get In - ShyHeart How??? - Ben Franklin
I Dare You - Taylor James I Want Me. - RainFlyer8
I Will Never Donate To The Red Cross.... And Here's Why. - Shiloh In Consideration Of Facebook - Shiloh
Is Mankind Wrapped In Wrath? - Newage Caveman It Always Gets You - Mike
It's Still The Same - Mental Just Get Me Out Of Here - Kay_13
Leave Me Alone - Seizure Leave Others Be - Shan
Lies, Lies, Lies - Melissa L Life - PHScassiePHS
Mistake - Squishi_04 Never Nam And Never The Nam - Shiloh
Not Everyone Wins - Seizure Not Necessary - Pamela O'Brien
Not Sure - SCSnicoleSCS Numb - Kiwi
O.ver U.nder T.hrough - Xeracy Retribution - Tim Kitchen
Revenge - Tonya Runaway 2 - Mike
Sadness - Christa Santa's Sins - Mike
Scream - Razors Blood Shady Sh*t - Seizure
She's Back - Tammy Sins - Mere
So F***ed Up - Mere Sorry To You All - Taylor James
Stop - Ghost Stupid Fate - Karla Bardanza
Sweet Revenge - Mike Tables Reversed - Mike
The Barber And The Preacher - LAR The Flood (excited Self-expression) - Meridian Zuriel
The Second Side Of Truth - Your Melody The Ugly Truth - Meridian Zuriel
These Four Walls - Kiwi They Say - KitKatrina
Think Before You Speak - Barbara Goodhew Thrown Away - Catyrose
Tides Of Darkness - Mental Time For Defenistration? - Shiloh
To My Father - Sweet_Suicide Too Many, Too Much... - Shiloh
Tools Of The Fools - Scurrd Under A Lipstick Sky - Chris G Vaillancourt
Unnoticed - Barbara Goodhew Untitled - Manny
Untold Anger - Mike Violet - Demon_99
Wake - Francis Santaquilani What I Want - Ghost
What's It All Mean - LinzAy Where Granny Lives - Ben Franklin
Where Have You Gone, Lonesome George? - Shiloh Wondering - Catyrose
Words Hit - LisaMarie Words!!! - Shiloh
You That Persecute Me - Paul Geurin You'll Know - Meridian Zuriel
You're Blind - LinzAy You're Not My Mother - Scorpio

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