Poems by Category :- Yearning

A Secret Desire - TxSizzle A Wish For Wings To Fly - Terrie*
Alone As The Candle Burns - Hope Catching Time - Silent Bells
Confessions Of Anotherthursday Night - Ed Hall Cry For Me - Eryemil
Every Night I Think Of You - Mental Heart Beats - Marilyn A F Longfellow
I Ache For You - Del I Feel My Heart Crying - Del
I Need You So - Shira I Want And I Need -
I'll Never Catch On - Manny If Only - Leah06
Illusion Of A Dream - Dreamer Judgement - WilTheThrill
Lacerations - Mukhthar Live Like Itís My Last - Meridian Zuriel
Longing - Sweet Sara Slowly Sleeping - Mental
Smouldering Embers - Moonstarshine Spilling Sand - RinRin
Stuck In The Moment Forever - Moonstarshine The Cardinals Are Singing - Francis Duggan
The One - Danny This I Pray - Leah06
Wanna Be An Actress - Meridian Zuriel Wanting You - Whitfield
Wanting You - Del What It Is - Kayla Martin
When This Winter Is Over - Ben Laney When Your Seasons Change - Mental
Your Not Mine - RubyDragon  

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