Dorothy C. Fox's Writings

My Mother's Sweet Poetry .
I Reflect It In Mine.
07/14/2007 (Angels - spiritual)
Happy Easter 05/20/2007 (Angels - spiritual)
Where Is My today 07/18/2003 (Change)
My History Relived 07/03/2003 (Family)
Flight 04/29/2003 (Aging)
My Dearest Love 03/02/2003 (Aging)
Memories 07/27/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Today 07/25/2002 (Marriage)
Nocturnal 06/09/2002 (Fantasy)
Sylvia 05/09/2002 (Heart Touching)
The Wedding Reception 03/28/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Bright Sunny Day 03/21/2002 (Faith)
The Sixth Month.... March
11, 2002
03/11/2002 (Attack - 911)
My Redeemer 03/04/2002 (Faith)
Spaces 02/24/2002 (Self Searching)
Cruise Ships 01/10/2002 (Faith)
New Year's Eve 01/01/2002 (Reflective)
My New Life 12/06/2001 (Inspirational and Strength)
The People In My Life 11/11/2001 (Faith)
My Dearest One 10/29/2001 (Illness and Health)
Heavenly Reception 09/18/2001 (Faith)
Memories 09/14/2001 (Attack - 911)
The Old Lady Dreams 08/24/2001 (Fantasy)
Aunt Edith's Scarves 08/02/2001 (Tributes)
The Dolphins Sang 07/12/2001 (Fantasy)
Romance Fulfilled 06/24/2001 (Marriage)

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