Andrew James Ball's Writings

Paralyzed 08/09/2008 (Facing Reality)
He Touched Me Like No Other 07/30/2008 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
My God 07/14/2008 (Spiritual)
Life Passed By Twice 08/18/2006 (Life Journeys)
The Blue-jay Sings 08/18/2006 (Nature)
The Five Elements Of Life 08/18/2006 (Nature)
Voices Of The Past 08/18/2006 (Death)
Vampire’s Life 05/29/2005 (Mythical)
Grandma 05/29/2005 (Family)
Self-centered 05/29/2005 (Facing Reality)
Altercation 04/05/2005 (Understanding)
Lemuria 03/28/2005 (Music or Lyrical)
Defending Dragon 03/25/2005 (Fantasy)
Swords Of Good, Evil, And Life 03/25/2005 (Fantasy - imagination)
My Friend Lita 03/25/2005 (Friendship Lost)
Life’s True Meaning 03/23/2005 (Facing Reality)
Unbreakable By Time 03/23/2005 (Love)
My Mystical Garden 03/23/2005 (Fantasy)
Sword Of Power 11/10/2004 (Mythical)
Rebirth Of Avalon 11/04/2004 (War and 911)
Mercedes 11/01/2004 (Family)
The Feeling In My Heart 11/01/2004 (Emotions and Emotional)
Jack-o- Lantern 11/01/2004 (Holidays)
Abducted 10/11/2004 (Paranormal or Supernatural)
Nana 09/26/2004 (Family)
Magical Beans 09/13/2004 (Humorous)
Mother 08/07/2004 (Family)
Rejection 08/07/2004 (Love lost or ending)
Magic 08/07/2004 (Faith)
A Good Son 08/07/2004 (Family)
Avalon 08/03/2004 (Mythical)
Reborn 08/03/2004 (Depression)
Dying 08/03/2004 (Death)
Wild Fire 08/02/2004 (Nature)
Final Hour 08/02/2004 (Death)
Dreaming 08/02/2004 (Dreams - sleep)
Freedom 08/02/2004 (Thoughts)
Giant Squids 08/01/2004 (Mythical)
Family Body 07/30/2004 (Family)
True Love 07/30/2004 (Love)
Dracula 07/29/2004 (Mythical)
A Friend's Death 07/29/2004 (Friendship Lost)
Life’s Dark Side 07/29/2004 (Sadness)
Night Terrors 07/28/2004 (Fear)
Spirits Of The Night 07/28/2004 (Mythical)
Angels Of Light 07/28/2004 (Angels - spiritual)
Curse Of The Wolf 07/27/2004 (Mythical)
Volcano 07/26/2004 (Nature)

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