Angel Laney's Writings

I Love You Dad 07/02/2010 (Death - tribute)
Bradley, You Are Amazing 05/14/2009 (Love)
Angel's Prayer 03/20/2009 (Spiritual)
Domestic Disturbance 01/09/2009 (Abuse)
Lonely 11/19/2008 (Confusion)
Promise 11/01/2008 (Change)
I'm Back 09/25/2008 (Change)
Hurt Me 11/11/2003 (Animals)
I'm Trying 10/24/2003 (Dark Thoughts)
I Know A Soul 09/24/2003 (Pain - emotional)
My Name Is Angel Dawn Laney 09/24/2003 (Pain - emotional)
Slinking And Sinking 09/24/2003 (Pain - emotional)
Tall Girl With A Gimpy Dog 09/24/2003 (Pain - emotional)
Thankyou God 09/24/2003 (Faith)
Help Me Dad 09/24/2003 (Animals)
Deal 09/24/2003 (Pain - emotional)

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