Capricorn's Writings

Starting Uni 11/26/2002 (Life Journeys)
True Beauty 11/25/2002 (Inspirational and Strength)
Life Is A Bastard 11/25/2002 (Rage)
Why 11/13/2002 (Self Searching)
You're In My Heart 11/10/2002 (Animals)
Please Be Kind - We're Not
11/07/2002 (Poetry and Poets)
Do You Like To Dunk Your
11/06/2002 (Humorous)
The Night I Said Good-bye 11/06/2002 (Animals)
Old 11/04/2002 (Aging)
Ssssnake! 10/31/2002 (Animals)
Behind Bars 10/30/2002 (Animals)
Leopard Gecko Lizard 10/28/2002 (Animals)
Spread You Wings And Fly 10/04/2002 (Family)
Cries Of Pain 09/28/2002 (Parents and Parenting)
Gone 09/28/2002 (Facing Reality)
The Three Ps 09/20/2002 (Humorous)
Life 09/12/2002 (Thoughts)

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