Dreamer's Writings

Wonderment Of Life 04/05/2005 (Pondering)
Grieve 03/28/2005 (Loss)
Sitting In Silence 03/05/2005 (Love - passionate)
Murder In The Bath 02/05/2005 (Short Stories - mystery)
Boredom Sets In 02/03/2005 (Insomnia)
Mansions Of Glory 01/28/2005 (Life Styles)
Peering Into The Depths 01/15/2005 (Self Searching)
The Silent Void 01/09/2005 (Places)
Waiting At Home 12/09/2004 (Loneliness)
Word Play 12/05/2004 (Misunderstanding)
I Walk With You 11/29/2004 (Thankfulness)
Still Here 11/21/2004 (Spiritual)
Wrapped So Tight Around You 11/21/2004 (Family)
The Water Beckons 11/14/2004 (Short Stories - poetic)
Beauty Lost 11/14/2004 (Aging)
Angst 11/06/2004 (Pain - emotional)
I Wanted A Puppy 10/28/2004 (Children's Poetry - for kids)
The Old Dead Tree 10/28/2004 (Nature)
He Was Loved 10/28/2004 (Loss)
Everything 10/25/2004 (Memories)
A Guiding Light 10/13/2004 (Angels - spiritual)
Ramblings 09/02/2004 (Thoughts)
A Day With Friends 09/01/2004 (Friends)
No Difference 09/01/2004 (Thoughts)
Just One In A Million 09/01/2004 (Life Lessons)
Moonlight Dance 07/26/2004 (Passions)
Collage Of Dreams 07/26/2004 (Poetry and Poets)
The Great Grassshopper Hunter 07/21/2004 (Animals)
Fields Of Misconception 07/20/2004 (Facing Reality)
Sunrise Over The Cotton Field 07/20/2004 (Places)
Illusion Of A Dream 07/18/2004 (Yearning)
Only Now 07/17/2004 (Depression)
Cleaning Up 07/13/2004 (Life Journeys)
Just Take This 07/06/2004 (Illness and Health)
Serpents In The Sky 06/23/2004 (Short Stories -sci-fiction)
Pharaoh's Dream 06/23/2004 (Mythical)
Prisoner Of Words 06/09/2004 (Thankfulness)
The Silence 06/07/2004 (Paranormal or Supernatural)
As Generations Pass 05/20/2004 (Death - tribute)
Tell Me Why 05/14/2004 (Faith)
Mockingbird 05/10/2004 (Animals)
Home 05/10/2004 (Places)
Sleep -tanka- 04/24/2004 (Poetry - styles)
I Rest 04/01/2004 (Life Journeys)
The Arrival Home 02/21/2004 (Military and War)
Smokescreen 02/21/2004 (Political)
Your Release 02/06/2004 (Questioning)
One More Week 02/05/2004 (Marriage)
Time Arrives 02/02/2004 (Military and War)
Home Coming 02/02/2004 (Military and War)
Talk With The Spirit 01/31/2004 (Spiritual)
Heaven And Hell 12/27/2003 (Spiritual)
River Of Words 12/27/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
Rest 12/27/2003 (Thoughts)
A Wonderful Life 12/24/2003 (Holidays)
Blame The President 12/14/2003 (Political)
So Honored 12/09/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)
Weaving Webs 11/16/2003 (People)
Clutter 11/16/2003 (Things)
Today And Yesterday 11/06/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)

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