Dreamer's Writings

Thank-you Mom 05/09/2001 (Special Occasions)
Mother's Love 05/09/2001 (Family)
Your Day 05/09/2001 (Graduation)
His Nightmare Ends 05/08/2001 (Abuse)
Spring's Reach 04/24/2001 (Seasons)
Through The Years 04/24/2001 (Graduation)
False Accusations 04/19/2001 (Betrayal)
Sliding Up 04/16/2001 (Life Lessons)
Where Fear Resides 04/07/2001 (Dreams - sleep)
Spring Tranquillity 03/12/2001 (Seasons)
Mother To Mother 03/10/2001 (Judgement)
Your Lonely Place 03/08/2001 (Life Lessons)
To Exist 02/19/2001 (Hopelessness)
My Love For You 01/30/2001 (Love)
Shadows Of Our Imperfection 01/29/2001 (Reflective)
Woo-ed By A Poet 01/26/2001 (Broken Relationships)
A City Block 01/26/2001 (People)
A Touch Of Winter 01/26/2001 (Seasons)
Heavy Set 01/14/2001 (Illness and Health)
Winter White 12/29/2000 (Seasons)
Alone With My Holiday Tears 12/26/2000 (Hurt)
How Many 12/23/2000 (Forgiveness)
Holiday Spirit 12/23/2000 (Holidays)
Alone In The Dark 12/16/2000 (Pain - emotional)
Life's Path 12/07/2000 (Life Journeys)
A Muse 11/17/2000 (Misunderstanding)
Democracy's Shame 11/13/2000 (Political)
The Killing Machine 11/07/2000 (Military and War)
True Love's Eyes 10/26/2000 (Love)
Watercolour Rain 10/26/2000 (Political)
Where Do We Meet 10/24/2000 (Friendship)
Amanda's Window* 10/23/2000 (Short Stories - fiction)
Glimpse Of Home* 10/23/2000 (Short Stories - fiction)
Tests Of Time 10/17/2000 (Time)
Forgive The Dragon 10/14/2000 (Illness and Health)
Sand Castles In The Rain 10/11/2000 (Broken Relationships)
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 09/25/2000 (Pain - emotional)
The Darkness 09/08/2000 (Loneliness)
When Worlds Meet 09/08/2000 (Facing Reality)
Remnant's Of The Past 08/26/2000 (Moving On)
A Star's Last Good-bye 08/20/2000 (Pondering)
Defining Moments 08/13/2000 (Inspirational and Strength)
The Heart Cries 08/08/2000 (Broken Relationships)
When It Hurts 08/06/2000 (Friendship)
Glacier 07/31/2000 (Places)
Crystalline Mountains 07/30/2000 (Places)
Some Dreams 07/18/2000 (Dreaming)
Archives Of The Heart 07/15/2000 (Life Lessons)
The Fourth Of July 07/04/2000 (Holidays)
Independence Day 07/04/2000 (Holidays)
I Cry Your Tears 07/02/2000 (Friendship)
A Night At The Lake 07/01/2000 (Friendship)
Hero's Journey 06/28/2000 (People)
Passions 06/28/2000 (Love - questioning)
The Pain Of Your Denial 06/27/2000 (Pain - inflicted)
Damn The Dragons 06/26/2000 (Anger)
My Old Best Friend 06/23/2000 (Music or Lyrical)
The Buffalo Skinners 06/20/2000 (Loss)
A Late Night Swim 06/13/2000 (Friendship)
Betrayal Of Trust 06/08/2000 (Betrayal)

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