Poems by Category :- Love - forbidden

A Night In Verona - Bipedalguy A Rose Will Always Be A Rose - LAR
A Walk In The Park - Dolphin Chick Abandoned - ErinBrenna
Allow Me To Love You - Eryemil And I Cannot Express What I Feel - Callused
And I Could Cry All Through The Night - LAR Another Race - Carol Z
Another Time And Place - Dreamer Appealing Misery - William Bill Jones
As I Lay Beside You - Tarna As I Look At You - Dreamer
Bridges Never Burned - LAR But A Dream - LinzAy
But For A Moment - Elizabetta Closer - Clive B Ringshall
Daddy Doesn't Like Me - Dolphin Chick Dream Girl - Maranda Berkley
Dreams - Candice A Cress Dreams And Fairy Tales - Ing Twi Demalah
Empty Mourners - Mental Evil Games - Mistress
Forbidden - LinzAy Forbidden - Tricia
Forbidden Love - RubyDragon Foreplay - LAR
Ghosts Of Former Lovers: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Hands I Long To Hold - LCN
He Is My Lover - Willahh Helpless To My Heart - Tony
Her Just Reward - Karen R. Springer Her Just Reward Revivited - Karen R. Springer
Hope - Durlabh Singh I Got These Feelings - Tricia
I Have Such Darkness - Mental I Love You T - Moonstarshine
I Thought You Should Know - Nikki I Told You - Ryan
I Want And I Need - Lori I Want You - Lori
I Will Miss You - Vampyr Lost In Love I Wonder If You See My Face - ShyHeart
If I Could - Del In Memory Of A Yellow Rose - Dreamer
Invisible - Lici Is It Wrong -
It Is Enough - LAR It's When.. - Ryan M Holden
Know This - LAR Korea - J.
Ladies In Waiting - Rick Ryckman Let It Show -
Longing - Tarna Lost City Of Paradise - Mental
Love Bites - Lover's Words - Dreamer
Man Of Substance - Dreamer Maybe One Day - LAR
Me & You - A Sin - Sweet Sara Memory Of Your Kiss - Dreamer
My Love, My Rose, My Curse - Ing Twi Demalah My First Glance - Lori
My Friend Caroline - Ryan My Heart Still Sinks - Clive B Ringshall
Now You Tell Me - Vampyr Lost In Love Others - Clive B Ringshall
Out Of Reach - Hellsing Protection - Webster
Rambling, But That's Just How I Feel - Elizabetta Read My Heart - Moonstarshine
Reality's Children - Dreamer Red Red Wine - Catyrose
Run Away - LinzAy Share This Private Moment With Me - Terrie*
She'll Neva Know - Christian V Silence - Tricia
Silence Of Our Hearts - Dreamer Sinderella's Frozen Ice Teardrops - Dreamisha
So Whispery - Mental Some Walk In The Rain... - LAR
Speak Not - Nikki Stolen Passion - Dreamer
The Phoenix - Miztrebor The Voice Of The Heart - Red Dragon (Bernz)
To Touch An Angel - Ing Twi Demalah Together We Work - Clive B Ringshall
Too Far Away - Leah06 Too Young - Nikki
Touching The Forbidden Fruit - Lynn Plocek True Love - Shana
True Love Forbidden - Shira Two Hearts Cry - Dreamer
Unbroken Love - LAR Untamed Love - Fallen_Angel
Untouchable - Lisa H Us - Costa
Voice Of An Angel - Bryon D Howell What Have I Done - Tarna
What Little Hope I Have Left - Vampyr Lost In Love When I Saw You Again... - Terrie*
Why - Lil Lulu You Are Like Novocane - Mental
You Never Knew - Clive B Ringshall Your Love Is Such A Lack - Britney

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