Francis Duggan's Writings

The So Called Coward And The
01/14/2009 (Choices)
The Last Rose Of The Fall 01/14/2009 (Nature)
The Man Without Teeth 01/14/2009 (People)
Obama The Man Of The Moment 01/14/2009 (Political)
On The Execution Of Timothy
10/07/2007 (Terrorism)
The Deserter 10/07/2007 (War and 911)
You Laugh The World Laugh With
10/07/2007 (Feelings)
I Only Wish To Be Alone With
10/07/2007 (Reflective)
Windbags 09/16/2007 (Reflective)
Poet Of The Sea 09/16/2007 (Poetry and Poets)
I Am The Bloke 09/16/2007 (Reflective)
On Reading Poems Of Robert
09/16/2007 (Poetry and Poets)
A Memory Of The Wood By
Mushera Mountain
09/09/2007 (Memories)
The Captive Hare 09/09/2007 (Pain - inflicted)
The Fox Of Hawthorn Glen 09/09/2007 (Nature)
But Still I Miss 09/09/2007 (Memories)
The Glaciers Near Franz Josef 08/25/2007 (Places)
Anne Boleyn 08/25/2007 (Crimes)
The Legends Of The Incas 08/25/2007 (People)
The Wisdom Of Chief Seattle 08/25/2007 (People)
Wrens 08/24/2007 (Nature)
Those Marvelous Cossack
08/24/2007 (People)
The Last Great Bard Of Mushera 08/24/2007 (Poetry and Poets)
The Descendants Of Those
Evicted By Cromwell
08/24/2007 (People)
The Sunflowers 08/23/2007 (Nature)
Robert Burns 08/23/2007 (Poetry and Poets)
The Paps Of Shrone 08/23/2007 (Places)
The Queen Of Hearts 08/23/2007 (People)
Crimson Rosellas 08/22/2007 (Nature)
Return Of The Lapwing 08/22/2007 (Memories)
Makarora 08/22/2007 (Places)
There Isn't Any Doggerel There 08/22/2007 (Reflective)
They Knock On My Door 08/21/2007 (Religious and Religion)
Joseph Louis Barrow 08/21/2007 (People)
Dolly The Sheep 08/21/2007 (Reflective)
A Man For Every Sleeper 08/21/2007 (Heartbreak)
An August Morning At Upper
08/20/2007 (Places)
From High Paddocks Of
08/20/2007 (Nature)
Chesterton's Donkey 08/20/2007 (Poetry and Poets)
The Victim 08/20/2007 (Crimes)
Did Britney Have A Tummy Tuck 08/19/2007 (People)
In The Land Of The Blind 08/19/2007 (Reflective)
Shouting At The Trees 08/19/2007 (People)
A Face Without Eyes 08/19/2007 (People)
The People I'd Rather Not Meet 08/18/2007 (People)
An Old Grave Without A
08/18/2007 (Death)
The Coalminer's Widow 08/18/2007 (People)
The Fellow Who Doesn't Fit In 08/17/2007 (People)
Where The Rivers Meet 08/17/2007 (Memories)
Joe Dinneen 08/17/2007 (Poetry and Poets)
I Love The Quiet Place 08/17/2007 (Nature)
A Devoted Man 08/16/2007 (Love)
The Anonymous One 08/16/2007 (People)
Wild Bunnies 08/16/2007 (Animals)
Nowhere Town 08/16/2007 (Life Journeys)
Foxes 08/15/2007 (Animals)
Linda's Perfect Boring Ex
08/15/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Karma For Montt Is Still
08/15/2007 (Crimes)
Memories Of A Visit To Cladoch
08/15/2007 (Memories)
There Must Be A Butterfly
08/14/2007 (Questioning)

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