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Making My Day -tanka- 10/04/2004 (Love - passionate)
Fascination -rennet- 10/04/2004 (Feelings)
Should I Believe My Heart? 10/04/2004 (Confusion)
Live For Today 10/04/2004 (Love - passionate)
A Heavenly Night With You 10/04/2004 (Love - passionate)
Your Love -tanka- 10/04/2004 (Love)
Pillow -rictameter- 10/04/2004 (Love)
Love Ya -rictameter- 10/01/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
My Friend -rictameter- 10/01/2004 (Friends)
Pleasure -rictameter- 10/01/2004 (Love)
Poontang -ricta- 10/01/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Moonlight -rictameter- 10/01/2004 (Love)
Wish I Were Your Pillow 10/01/2004 (Love)
Knowing Someone Cares 10/01/2004 (Friendship)
True Love -tetractys- 10/01/2004 (Love)
In The Arms Of An Angel 10/01/2004 (Friendship)
Live For Today 09/09/2004 (Love)
True Love -tetractys- 09/09/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Wait For True Love 09/07/2004 (Love)
Wish I Were Your Pillow 09/07/2004 (Love)
Live For Today 09/04/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
Wake Up Bliss 09/03/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
I Ache For You 09/02/2004 (Yearning)
My Happiness 09/01/2004 (Love)
Ode To My Heart 08/31/2004 (Friendship)
My Wild Irish Rose -a Parody 08/28/2004 (Music or Lyrical)
Mary Had A Little Lamb 08/27/2004 (Children's Poetry - for kids)
Cyber Sex 08/25/2004 (Love)
On The Path Of Life 08/24/2004 (Love)
I Would Love To 08/20/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Silently We Love 08/20/2004 (Love)
My Heart's Beacon Light 08/19/2004 (Love)
Haiku Series 08/17/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Tell Me, Please -quatrains- 08/16/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Ah! Those Memories 08/13/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Nights Of Pretending 08/12/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Proving My Love For You 08/12/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Darn That Crazy Dream 08/11/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
True Love -haiku- 08/08/2004 (Poetry - styles)
The Pain Of Love 08/07/2004 (Pain - emotional)
Our Special World 08/06/2004 (Dreams)
My Heart And I 08/05/2004 (Feelings)
Oh, I Wish, I Wish, I Wish 08/04/2004 (Love)
Together Forever 08/03/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Oh, I Miss You So 07/31/2004 (Missing Someone)
Friendship And Love 07/30/2004 (Friends)
Together, At Last 07/29/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Dreaming, Always Dreaming 07/28/2004 (Dreaming)
Waiting For You 07/27/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
An Island Of Love 07/24/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Hugging My Pillow 07/23/2004 (Love - distance)
Together Again 07/22/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Moonlit Night Of Bliss 07/21/2004 (Romantic - Romance)
My Dream Of You 07/20/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Spending A Dream With You 07/17/2004 (Dreams)
Forever Yours, Faithfully 07/15/2004 (Love - passionate)
Man In The Moon Smiles 07/14/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Sometimes Dreams Come True 07/14/2004 (Dreams)
Sending You My Love 07/12/2004 (Love)
Haunting Love Words 07/10/2004 (Love - distance)

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