Del's Writings

Pillow -rictameter- 10/04/2004 (Love)
A Heavenly Night With You 10/04/2004 (Love - passionate)
Your Love -tanka- 10/04/2004 (Love)
Fascination -rennet- 10/04/2004 (Feelings)
Making My Day -tanka- 10/04/2004 (Love - passionate)
Should I Believe My Heart? 10/04/2004 (Confusion)
Live For Today 10/04/2004 (Love - passionate)
Wish I Were Your Pillow 10/01/2004 (Love)
True Love -tetractys- 10/01/2004 (Love)
In The Arms Of An Angel 10/01/2004 (Friendship)
Knowing Someone Cares 10/01/2004 (Friendship)
Moonlight -rictameter- 10/01/2004 (Love)
My Friend -rictameter- 10/01/2004 (Friends)
Love Ya -rictameter- 10/01/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Pleasure -rictameter- 10/01/2004 (Love)
Poontang -ricta- 10/01/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Live For Today 09/09/2004 (Love)
True Love -tetractys- 09/09/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Wait For True Love 09/07/2004 (Love)
Wish I Were Your Pillow 09/07/2004 (Love)
Live For Today 09/04/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
Wake Up Bliss 09/03/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
I Ache For You 09/02/2004 (Yearning)
My Happiness 09/01/2004 (Love)
Ode To My Heart 08/31/2004 (Friendship)
My Wild Irish Rose -a Parody 08/28/2004 (Music or Lyrical)
Mary Had A Little Lamb 08/27/2004 (Children's Poetry - for kids)
Cyber Sex 08/25/2004 (Love)
On The Path Of Life 08/24/2004 (Love)
Silently We Love 08/20/2004 (Love)
I Would Love To 08/20/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
My Heart's Beacon Light 08/19/2004 (Love)
Haiku Series 08/17/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Tell Me, Please -quatrains- 08/16/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Ah! Those Memories 08/13/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Proving My Love For You 08/12/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Nights Of Pretending 08/12/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Darn That Crazy Dream 08/11/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
True Love -haiku- 08/08/2004 (Poetry - styles)
The Pain Of Love 08/07/2004 (Pain - emotional)
Our Special World 08/06/2004 (Dreams)
My Heart And I 08/05/2004 (Feelings)
Oh, I Wish, I Wish, I Wish 08/04/2004 (Love)
Together Forever 08/03/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Oh, I Miss You So 07/31/2004 (Missing Someone)
Friendship And Love 07/30/2004 (Friends)
Together, At Last 07/29/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Dreaming, Always Dreaming 07/28/2004 (Dreaming)
Waiting For You 07/27/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
An Island Of Love 07/24/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Hugging My Pillow 07/23/2004 (Love - distance)
Together Again 07/22/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Moonlit Night Of Bliss 07/21/2004 (Romantic - Romance)
My Dream Of You 07/20/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Spending A Dream With You 07/17/2004 (Dreams)
Forever Yours, Faithfully 07/15/2004 (Love - passionate)
Man In The Moon Smiles 07/14/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Sometimes Dreams Come True 07/14/2004 (Dreams)
Sending You My Love 07/12/2004 (Love)
Haunting Love Words 07/10/2004 (Love - distance)
When Love Has Lost 07/09/2004 (Memories)
My Heart Belongs To You 07/08/2004 (Love)
A Love Relationship 07/05/2004 (Love)
Fourth Of July -rictameter- 07/03/2004 (Holidays)
Meet Me In Dreamland 07/03/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Fourth Of July -acrostic- 07/02/2004 (Holidays)
One Nation Under God 07/01/2004 (Patriotism)
For The Very First Time 06/30/2004 (Love)
My Undying Love For You 06/30/2004 (Love)
In The Still Of The Soul 06/29/2004 (Faith)
My Lights Gone Out 06/27/2004 (Missing Someone)
The Festival Of Joy 06/27/2004 (Miscellaneous)
Goodnight 06/26/2004 (Missing Someone)
Soldier's Lament 06/25/2004 (Love)
America 06/23/2004 (Patriotism)
How I Wish You Were Here 06/22/2004 (Love)
Our Last Night Together 06/21/2004 (Love - passionate)
This Love In My Heart 06/20/2004 (Love)
Reflections Of The Heart 06/19/2004 (Love)
Leftover Memories 06/18/2004 (Memories)
My Angel 06/17/2004 (Love)
Swinging On A Star 06/16/2004 (Love)
My Soldier Sweetheart 06/15/2004 (Love)
An Interrupted Dream 06/15/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Wonderland Of Love 06/13/2004 (Romantic - Romance)
A Prayer To Share 06/12/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
Love Is Like A Rose 06/11/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
A Slave To Love 06/10/2004 (Love)
Dreams On Hold 06/10/2004 (Dreams)
Dream Lover -acrostic- 06/09/2004 (Poetry - styles)
My Wonderful Dream 06/07/2004 (Dreams)
Seed Grows 06/04/2004 (Love)
I Wondered 06/02/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Keep On Praying 05/30/2004 (Holidays)
Pray For Peace 05/30/2004 (Holidays)
Yesteryear 05/28/2004 (Love)
Waiting For Him 05/28/2004 (Love)
Come Back To Me -haiku- 05/26/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Miss You So 05/25/2004 (Missing Someone)
Hot Tub 05/25/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Don't Cry 05/22/2004 (Love)
Moon And Stars 05/21/2004 (Love)
Stardust 05/20/2004 (Love)
My Dreams Come True 05/19/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Magic Moonlight 05/19/2004 (Love)
Honey 05/15/2004 (Love)
Mission In Life 05/13/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
Keep It Glowing -rennet- 05/12/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Have Faith 05/11/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
Nature 05/11/2004 (Nature)
Love You 05/08/2004 (Love)
Live It Up 05/07/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
My Dear -rictameter- 05/06/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Fact Of Life -tanka- 05/05/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Feed My Heart -cinquain- 05/04/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Sparkling Eyes 05/03/2004 (Love)
You 05/03/2004 (Friends)
Be Happy -rennet- 05/02/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Smiles -rennet- 05/02/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Don't Cry 05/01/2004 (Love)
Love You -cinquain- 04/29/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Lonely Heart 04/28/2004 (Love)
You'll Know 04/27/2004 (Love)
His Kiss 04/26/2004 (Love)
Secret Love -tanka- 04/24/2004 (Poetry - styles)
Your Love 04/23/2004 (Love)
Sunshine 04/21/2004 (Love)
Challenges 04/19/2004 (Poetry and Poets)
Happy Heart 04/19/2004 (Love)
So Heavenly 04/16/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
So Lonely 04/14/2004 (Loneliness)
Moonlight Dancing 04/13/2004 (Love)
An Illusion No More 04/12/2004 (Love)
Happy Easter 04/10/2004 (Holidays)
A Heavenly Night 04/09/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Always In My Heart 04/07/2004 (Love)
The Last Chapter 04/07/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Always In My Heart 04/06/2004 (Love)
Love, A Puppet On Strings 04/05/2004 (Love)
So Very Precious 04/01/2004 (Love)
First Night Of Love 03/31/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Yesterday, Tomorrow And Today 03/30/2004 (Love)
Where The Avenues Grow Wider 03/26/2004 (Miscellaneous)
Mystic Love 03/26/2004 (Love)
Angel 03/25/2004 (Love)
Guaranteed Love 03/23/2004 (Love)
Adam And Eve 03/23/2004 (Love)
Maybe Someday 03/20/2004 (Dreaming)
Dream Please Come True 03/19/2004 (Dreams)
Together At Last 03/18/2004 (Love)
I'm Finding The Glow 03/17/2004 (Love)
No Dreams 03/15/2004 (Love)
Another Chance 03/15/2004 (Broken Relationships)
Prelude To Love 03/15/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Golden Moonlight 03/12/2004 (Love)
Sun Keeps Shining 03/11/2004 (Love)
Live For Today 03/08/2004 (Spiritual)
A Broken Clasp 03/05/2004 (Broken Relationships)
Happiness 03/05/2004 (Happiness)
Let's Take A Stroll 03/03/2004 (Places)
Love So Pure 03/01/2004 (Love)
Search 02/27/2004 (Happiness)
Precious Love 02/26/2004 (Love)
My Ray Of Sunshine 02/25/2004 (Feelings)
My Friend 02/25/2004 (Friends)
Love Comes From The Heart 02/23/2004 (Love)
Forever 02/20/2004 (Love)
Pretending Again 02/19/2004 (Love)
True Love -3 02/19/2004 (Love)
Love Finalized 02/18/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Friends Forever 02/13/2004 (Friendship)
To My Valentine 02/13/2004 (Holidays)
A Poem For Your Love 02/12/2004 (Holidays)
Was It True Love 02/10/2004 (Love unrequited)
My Special Friend 02/07/2004 (Friendship)
True Love, So Sweet 02/05/2004 (Love)
Mystery Of Love 02/04/2004 (Love)
Sunshine 02/03/2004 (Love)
Key To My Heart 02/03/2004 (Love)
Waiting For The Night 02/02/2004 (Love)
Doubtful Heart 02/02/2004 (Love)
Ecstasy 01/29/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Poetry In Motion 01/28/2004 (Love)
It Feels So Good 01/28/2004 (Love)
Our Love Is So Special 01/27/2004 (Love)
One Of These Days, Maybe 01/22/2004 (Dreaming)
I Think I'm Falling 01/20/2004 (Love)
My Lover And I 01/20/2004 (Love)
Just Pretending 01/18/2004 (Love)
Tell Me 01/14/2004 (Love)
For A Little While 01/09/2004 (Life Styles)
One Silhoutte 01/08/2004 (Love unrequited)
Love? 01/08/2004 (Love)
My Impossible Dream 01/04/2004 (Dreams)
Who Needs Someone 01/02/2004 (Love)
Your Kisses 01/02/2004 (Love)
Happy New Year To All 01/01/2004 (Holidays)
Happy New Year To Our Armed
01/01/2004 (Holidays)
Please Tell Me, Dear Heart 12/30/2003 (Love)
I Feel My Heart Crying 12/25/2003 (Yearning)
No Snow 12/25/2003 (Holidays)
Uncontrolable 12/24/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Garden In My Heart 12/17/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)
Love On Hold 12/17/2003 (Love unrequited)
Erotic Lovers 12/16/2003 (Love)
My Moonlight Angel 12/15/2003 (Love)
Our Rendezvous In Dreamland 12/15/2003 (Dreams - sleep)
True Love 12/13/2003 (Love)
Come Closer To Me 12/12/2003 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Come Closer To Me 12/10/2003 (Love)
Love 12/10/2003 (Love)
A True Friend 12/09/2003 (Friendship)
Someone For Me 12/02/2003 (Breaking Up)
My Lover's Charms 12/02/2003 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
In The Fog 11/29/2003 (Soul Searching)
Darling, Come Back To Me 11/28/2003 (Love lost or ending)
Happy Thanksgiving 11/25/2003 (Holidays)
A Christmas Memory 11/22/2003 (Holidays)
Something For Christmas 11/22/2003 (Holidays)
My Crazy Dream 11/21/2003 (Dreams - sleep)
Beautiful Music 11/19/2003 (Music or Lyrical)
No More True Love 11/19/2003 (Heartbreak)
Make Believe, Pretend And
11/13/2003 (Dreams)
I'll Hold You In My Heart 11/12/2003 (Love)
My Silent Heart 11/10/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Dreaming Too Much 11/10/2003 (Dreaming)
His Little Play Toy 11/06/2003 (Love lost or ending)
Being Lonely 11/05/2003 (Loneliness)
Your Love 11/05/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
You're So Understanding 11/04/2003 (Understanding)
Wishful Dreaming 11/03/2003 (Broken Relationships)
Together Side By Side 11/03/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Second Thoughts 11/02/2003 (Broken Relationships)
My Dreamland 10/31/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Pray For Peace In 2004 10/29/2003 (Military and War)
Always 10/29/2003 (Memories)
Our Cottage On The Moon 10/27/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Halloween Angels 10/27/2003 (Holidays)
My Sunshine 10/26/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Sweet Love 10/24/2003 (Love)
It's Hard To Fool Your Heart 10/20/2003 (Loneliness)
Surrender 10/17/2003 (Searching For Answers)
Love So Rare 10/15/2003 (Love)
Shattered Heart 10/14/2003 (Trust)
Without You 10/14/2003 (Thoughts)
Wanting You 10/13/2003 (Yearning)
Talk To Me, Dear Heart 10/12/2003 (Love unrequited)
Island Of Love 10/11/2003 (Dreams - sleep)
You Are Special 10/10/2003 (Friends)
There's Someone Out There 10/06/2003 (Feelings)
Dream Memories 10/04/2003 (Reminiscing)
Maybe I Will Find You 10/03/2003 (Dreams)
My Wooden Heart 12/31/1969 (Romantic - Romance)
A Locked Up Heart 09/29/2003 (Loneliness)
My Love For You 09/27/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
My Inspirational Friend 09/25/2003 (Friends)
How Love Starts 09/25/2003 (Love)
Precious Memories 09/25/2003 (Memories)
My Shining Star 2 09/23/2003 (Friends)
Loneliness 09/23/2003 (Loneliness)
The Pain Of Love 09/22/2003 (Broken Relationships)
My Lover 09/21/2003 (Dreams)
Life Of Sorrows 09/20/2003 (Heartbreak)
If I Could 09/20/2003 (Love - forbidden)
In Memory Of Muffy 09/17/2003 (Animals)
Unhook Me, My Dear 09/16/2003 (Breaking Up)
Just Pretend 09/12/2003 (Dreaming)
Tell Me You Love Me 09/09/2003 (Relationships)
An Internet Love Affair 09/08/2003 (Computers)
Lingering Memories 09/08/2003 (Memories)
A Heart That's Free 09/08/2003 (Reminiscing)
Time Heals Sorrows 09/06/2003 (Love unrequited)
Remember Me 09/05/2003 (Love)
The Very First Time 09/04/2003 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
A Very Special Love 09/03/2003 (Love)
Sweetheart 09/03/2003 (Love)
An Erotic Dream 09/02/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
Lovers Again 09/01/2003 (Love)
Walking With You 09/01/2003 (Love)
Today's Music 09/01/2003 (Music or Lyrical)
How Could You Leave Her 08/30/2003 (Romantic - Romance)
This Fantastic Inovation 08/26/2003 (Computers)
Yes, Darling I Miss You 08/21/2003 (Broken Relationships)
Our Daily Visitor 08/21/2003 (Animals)
A Prayer To Share 08/19/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)
My Internet Friends 08/18/2003 (Computers)
My Teddy Bear 08/18/2003 (Things)
All Of Your Heart 08/18/2003 (Relationships)
First Time 08/16/2003 (Love)
Teenage Love 08/14/2003 (Love)
Missing You 08/14/2003 (Loneliness)
Why Did She Leave Us 08/14/2003 (Loss)
Love 08/11/2003 (Love)
You 08/08/2003 (Tributes)
An Aching Heart 08/07/2003 (Pain - emotional)
A Rainy Dreary Day 08/07/2003 (Feelings)
What Have You To Offer? 08/06/2003 (Love)
Today 08/02/2003 (Time)
Our Love 07/31/2003 (Love)
My First Date 07/26/2003 (Life Journeys)
So Sad 07/26/2003 (People)
Walking With A Memory 07/26/2003 (Memories)
My Magic Carpet 07/24/2003 (Dreams)
A Night For Love 07/24/2003 (Love)
Just Dreaming Of You 07/23/2003 (Dreaming)
Cigarettes Ugh 07/22/2003 (Things)
A Wonderful World 07/22/2003 (Happiness)
Your Other Love 07/22/2003 (Love)
Lonesome Soldier 07/20/2003 (Love)
The Long And Lonely Night 07/20/2003 (Loneliness)
When We Die 07/19/2003 (Death)
An Invitation To A Dream 07/18/2003 (Dreams)
Our Rose 07/18/2003 (Broken Relationships)
The Dream We Shared Last Night 07/18/2003 (Love)
My Shining Star 07/12/2003 (Things)
Just Friends 07/08/2003 (Friends)
Til The End Of Time 07/04/2003 (Love)
Green Thumbs 06/27/2003 (Love)

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