PoisonIvy's Writings

With Life Comes Change 09/12/2006 (Inspirational and Strength)
Your Love Had Fell 09/12/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Love Will Never Die 09/12/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Heather 09/12/2006 (Memories)
A Breathless Air 09/12/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Blind Love 09/12/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Jimmy Now Soars 12/04/2005 (Death)
Holidays 11/30/2005 (Missing Someone)
Forever Mine 07/19/2005 (Love)
Carried To The Stars 07/19/2005 (Love)
Cherish My Love 07/19/2005 (Love)
Everything 07/19/2005 (Love)
Daydreams Fade Away 07/19/2005 (Dreams)
My Minds Door 06/24/2005 (Dreams)
Dad 06/22/2005 (Family)
The True Side Of Someone 06/19/2005 (Feelings)
I Set Myself Free 06/19/2005 (Choices)
Sear Of Being Alone 06/19/2005 (Fear)
Time It Did Stand Still 06/19/2005 (Passions)
Dreaming 06/19/2005 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)

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