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Power Becomes Double 08/30/2005 (Healing)
Own Heart Smile 08/30/2005 (Self Discovery)
Any Kind Of Shower 08/30/2005 (Self Discovery)
The ' G ' Word 08/30/2005 (Good-Byes)
For Me To Stay 08/30/2005 (Love unrequited)
Dolphin 08/30/2005 (Confusion)
Love Me 08/30/2005 (Self Discovery)
Hugs At 4 A.m 08/30/2005 (Love - just beginning)
Get Back Hgme 08/29/2005 (Love lost or ending)
Crumbling Walls 08/29/2005 (Faith)
This Phoenix Will Rise 08/29/2005 (Healing)
Better Me 08/29/2005 (Healing)
Mended Wings 08/29/2005 (Moving On)
Finding Me 08/29/2005 (Self Discovery)
Fear To Love 08/29/2005 (Faith)
My Hearts Survival 08/29/2005 (Healing)
Search 08/29/2005 (Searching For Answers)
Salvaged This Soul 08/29/2005 (Faith)
Bruised But Not Broken 08/29/2005 (Healing)
Safe In Angels Wings 08/29/2005 (Angels)
Fly Free 08/20/2005 (Faith)
Hold My Hand 08/20/2005 (Angels)
Heart-shaped Jigsaw 08/20/2005 (Broken Relationships)
The Time Is Right 08/20/2005 (Love - waiting for)
Continue This Fight 08/20/2005 (Love - waiting for)
Me Kettle 08/20/2005 (Humorous)
Flew Away 08/20/2005 (Healing)
Don't Fear The Rain 08/20/2005 (Moving On)
I Need Your Love Too 08/20/2005 (Families - Broken)
Always Says Sorry 08/20/2005 (Families - Broken)
It Breaks My Heart 08/20/2005 (Breaking Up)
For Love It Still Beats 08/20/2005 (Breaking Up)
Try To Love Again 08/20/2005 (Heartbreak)
My Beating Heart 08/20/2005 (Heartbreak)

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