Poems by Category :- Families - Broken

'tis The Season Of..... - Shiloh 2nd Place - Casey
A Better Day - Shan A Broken Man - Catyrose
A Girl And Her Mother - Dolphin Chick A Hole In My Heart - Shan
A Mother Like You - Taylor James Aimee - Robby
Always Says Sorry - Devilyangelic An Empty Glass - Catyrose
Are You Proud - Seizure Benefit Man - Ben Franklin
Bittersweet Reunion - Lost_In_The_Music Bridge - Puppet
Bring Me Down. Everyday - Miztrebor Bring My Daddy Home - T'Lonna Robbins
Come Back - Angel On The Edge Crunch Time - Mike
Drunken Sad Goodbyes - Shan Dysfunctional - Holly
Family Without Me - Seizure Find My Wings - Devilyangelic
Fragile - Mike Goodbye Dad - Shan
Goodbye Daddy - Tammy Growing Up In Pictures - LCN
Had To Go - Devilyangelic Happy Memorial Day... Dad - Shiloh
His Hazel Eyes - Stacey His Rain Shall End - Miztrebor
Hold My Head High - Devilyangelic Holiday Joy - Mike
I Am Sorry - Willahh I Guess I Didn't Try Hard Enough.... - Shiloh
I Need Your Love Too - Devilyangelic I Should Have Been - Tammy
I'll Be There To Catch You Before You Fall - Terrie* I'll Be Free - Seizure
I'm Sorry - Gemma_13 I've Been Fired.... - Shiloh
Invisable Mom - Shan Just A Hug - Devilyangelic
Just Tired - Heavenlynoe Keep Ya Head - Lotus
Last Night - Tammy Leaving - Jennylisa
Life - Terrie Lavelle Little Girl Lost - Catyrose
Love Me Anyway - Shan Love Me? - Devilyangelic
Meeting - Barbara Goodhew Missing It Tonight - Devilyangelic
Mom I Try My Hardest - SCSnicoleSCS Mommy Has Custody And Daddy Has Saturdays - Shiloh
My Day, My Fight - Shan Not A Word - Kali
Not Sure - SCSnicoleSCS One Kids Story - Shan
Perfection And Rejection - Nicole Ricketts Rain - Seizure
Receding Waters - Miztrebor Reunited - Barbara Goodhew
Runaway - Nicole Ricketts Share The Sky - Seizure
She Asked Santa - Shiloh Silence - Karri
Sister - Barbara Goodhew Suppress These Tears - Devilyangelic
Thank You, Father Thank You - Miztrebor The Devil You Know - Seizure
The Letter - Catyrose The Littlest Angel - Catyrose
The Story Of My Life - Home -2 - Mike The True Epiphany - Miztrebor
To My Two Sons, Love Mommy - Christanie Cameron Untitled. - Mike
Victimized. - Sicklust We Don't Need The Past - Shira
What He's Told - Miztrebor What Was. . . - Luke Mudge
Why - Kali Why Mom - Kay_13
Why My Brother - Seizure Wish List - Ben Franklin

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