Don Fraser's Writings

Man Could He Buck 03/03/2002 (Short Stories - poetic)
A Scot 03/03/2002 (People)
So Late 03/03/2002 (Life Journeys)
Someone Loves You 02/24/2002 (Love)
You Did Me Wrong 02/24/2002 (Broken Relationships)
Guess Who? 02/23/2002 (Love)
A Friend 02/23/2002 (Friends)
The Legend Of The Grey's 02/18/2002 (Animals)
Universe 02/17/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Out To Sea 02/17/2002 (Places)
My Soul 02/11/2002 (Parents and Parenting)
Saddle The Wind 02/10/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
In My Prime 02/10/2002 (Aging)
Diamonds 02/10/2002 (Miscellaneous)
Down The Stretch 02/10/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
My Love 02/10/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
What A Journey 02/07/2002 (Life Journeys)
Island Of Fire 02/07/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
What Next? 02/06/2002 (Questioning)
Guard 02/03/2002 (Attack - 911)
New Year 02/02/2002 (Attack - 911)
I Am Afraid 01/28/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
At War 01/27/2002 (Military and War)
The Cabin 01/22/2002 (Suicidal Thoughts)
I Have Seen The Face Of God 01/20/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
At Sea 01/17/2002 (Places)
The Spirit Of The Buffalo 01/16/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Wayward West 01/16/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
An Open Letter To My Love 01/14/2002 (Broken Relationships)
Out On The Trail 01/14/2002 (Places)
You Can't Buy Love 01/12/2002 (Faith)
Success 01/10/2002 (People)
Is One Love Enough? 01/07/2002 (Illness and Health)
Retarded? 01/07/2002 (Illness and Health)
The Good, The Bad, And The
01/07/2002 (Short Creative Writings)
Walk On The Clouds 01/05/2002 (Dreaming)
The Trail 12/31/1969 (Short Creative Writings)
Depression 12/29/2001 (Depression)
What A Trip 12/16/2001 (Short Creative Writings)
Hooray I Won 12/15/2001 (Short Creative Writings)
Ground Zero 12/13/2001 (Attack - 911)
When We Were Young 12/08/2001 (Aging)
The Nile 12/08/2001 (Places)
Beyond 12/08/2001 (Inspirational and Strength)
Tornado 12/05/2001 (Short Creative Writings)
Patricia 12/04/2001 (Short Creative Writings)
Snow 12/02/2001 (Seasons)
Th Th That's All Folks 11/28/2001 (Death)
This Ole Ship 11/25/2001 (Miscellaneous)
The Last Leaf Of Autumn 11/25/2001 (Seasons)
On My Own 11/21/2001 (Life Journeys)
Retired 11/21/2001 (Life Journeys)
Sunshine 11/20/2001 (Seasons)
Days Gone By 11/17/2001 (Short Creative Writings)
Bell 11/16/2001 (Holidays)
A Stray 11/16/2001 (Animals)
Ole Truck 11/12/2001 (Truck Driving)
Keep Em' Rollin' 11/12/2001 (Truck Driving)
Blue Skies 11/12/2001 (Short Creative Writings)
Our Legacy 11/08/2001 (Short Creative Writings)

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