Emilee's Writings

This Is My Time 07/03/2007 (Moving On)
What's Fame Anyway? 03/12/2007 (Disappointment)
Tell Me Again So I Know 05/25/2005 (Thoughts)
The Truth Can Set You Free 05/05/2005 (Change)
Everything I Couldn't See 03/14/2005 (Love)
What Do You Do With Love 02/28/2005 (Heartbreak)
Same Old Sad Story 02/04/2005 (Heartbreak)
Stay 01/30/2005 (Breaking Up)
Everything Just Fits 01/24/2005 (Love)
I Was Looking Back Today 11/18/2004 (Reminiscing)
Beautiful Believers 11/15/2004 (Faith)
You'll Always Be My Daddy 11/01/2004 (Family)
My Lonely Heart Soars 10/21/2004 (Love)
Can Anybody See Me? 10/01/2004 (Confusion)
I'm Not That Girl 09/21/2004 (Infatuation)
When Your World Crumbles 09/15/2004 (Friendship)
Let Me Shine 08/02/2004 (Change)
Guiding Light 07/31/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
Tired Of Waiting 07/03/2004 (Good-Byes)
But Never Jealous... 06/26/2004 (Feelings)
Trust In Me Always 06/10/2004 (Friendship)
The Secret Life Of Me 06/08/2004 (Self Portraits)
The Test Of Faith 05/25/2004 (Religious and Religion)
The Back Row 04/30/2004 (Religious and Religion)
My Daddy 04/09/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Real Pain 03/04/2004 (Pain - emotional)
Sweet Lies 03/03/2004 (Facing Reality)
Missing You 02/20/2004 (Heartbreak)

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