Willahh's Writings

You Left Me 04/20/2010 (Dreaming)
The Lonely Clown 08/12/2009 (Love)
Everywhere 08/12/2009 (Dreaming)
The Copycat In The Hat 08/12/2009 (Friends)
Heaven Kissing 11/02/2008 (Love)
Come 10/26/2008 (Love)
How I Know 10/26/2008 (Love)
I Am Watching 10/24/2008 (Waiting)
Part Of Me 10/01/2008 (Love)
Hard To Believe 10/01/2008 (Love - questioning)
Tonight's Dinner 09/25/2008 (Life Journeys)
Love For You 09/02/2008 (Love - passionate)
A Love You Love Is Waiting
For You
08/30/2008 (Love unrequited)
Product Of My Environment (
P.o.m.e. )
08/30/2008 (Dreams)
Take Your Time 08/27/2008 (Love)
Blue Electric Chaos 07/23/2008 (Fantasy)
Lost In Rome 07/23/2008 (Love)
Who Is She 07/23/2008 (Passions)
Just For You 07/23/2008 (Love)
The Divine Meaning 07/23/2008 (Faith)
You 07/14/2008 (Feelings)
Lock Two 07/14/2008 (Love)
Wild Dream 07/14/2008 (Love - passionate)
Snake Eyes Will Set You Free 07/14/2008 (Lost Memories)
Crush On Me 07/14/2008 (Love - just beginning)
Start With A Wish 07/14/2008 (Dreams)
The Princess She Sits 07/14/2008 (Love - waiting for)
Love From A Mother 06/16/2008 (Family)
Down By The River 05/17/2008 (Dreaming)
Blue Me 04/27/2008 (Love)
We Know Who He Is 04/27/2008 (Faith)
Soul Flowing 04/27/2008 (Facing Reality)
Smultion 04/27/2008 (Love)
Stardusted Wonder 04/27/2008 (Love)
To You 03/27/2008 (Broken Relationships)
When The Snow Fell 03/27/2008 (Nature)
When The Storm Begins 03/27/2008 (Nature)
Feel This Wanting 03/27/2008 (Betrayal)
Very True #16 Lullaby 03/27/2008 (Spiritual)
Completetion 03/27/2008 (Broken Relationships)
Moon Faerie 03/27/2008 (Fantasy)
Mind Blown 03/27/2008 (Love)
I Am 03/27/2008 (Thoughts)
Be Gone 03/27/2008 (Broken Relationships)
Ice 03/27/2008 (Dreams)
Little Egypt Falls 03/27/2008 (Dreams)
Alcohol Induced Confusion 12/08/2007 (Loneliness)
For Barbaro 12/08/2007 (Death - tribute)
God Child 12/08/2007 (Choices)
Love, Love Me 12/08/2007 (Love)
Tightlip Tightspot 12/08/2007 (Humorous)
To He Who Loves Only Me 12/08/2007 (Love)
Du Bist Wie Eine Blume 12/01/2007 (Love - passionate)
Death Of A Daredevil 12/01/2007 (Death - tribute)
Your Fault 12/01/2007 (Broken Relationships)
All Involved 11/27/2007 (Anger)
I Love Me 11/27/2007 (Love)
A Little World 11/27/2007 (Hurt)
Deciphered Sayings From A
11/27/2007 (Thoughts)
You Could Not 11/27/2007 (Heartbreak)

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