Mike's Writings

Faceless 06/01/2005 (Hopelessness)
Alice 06/01/2005 (Dreams - sleep)
Nemo 05/10/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Oblivion 05/10/2005 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Hello Stranger 05/10/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Beauty Is Deception 05/10/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Curiosity Killed The Cat 05/10/2005 (Death)
Within Another's Mind 04/26/2005 (Abuse)
Dreaming Reality 04/22/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Protection Or Deception? 04/18/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Childhood Circus 04/18/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Sinner 04/14/2005 (Hate)
Pain Is Pain 04/14/2005 (Cutting)
Pariah 04/12/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Happy At Last 04/12/2005 (Death)
Fear Of The Future 04/12/2005 (Fear)
Hear My Cry 04/12/2005 (Death - longing for)
The Burning Of The Books 04/12/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
The Promise 04/11/2005 (Death)
The Final Kiss 04/11/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Final Plea 04/11/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Still Here.. 04/11/2005 (Death - longing for)
Heart Of Glass 04/11/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Unfelt Love 04/11/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Drowning.. 04/09/2005 (Death - longing for)
Imagine 04/09/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
The Voices Inside 04/07/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Tears 04/07/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Windows To The Soul 04/07/2005 (Soul Searching)
Smile! 04/07/2005 (Cutting)
Finally 03/09/2005 (Death - longing for)
Why? 2 03/08/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Exorcise Me 03/08/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Angel Of Death 03/08/2005 (Gothic)
Let Me Be 03/08/2005 (Self Discovery)
Wishful Thinking 03/08/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Blowing In The Wind 03/08/2005 (Depression)
Lost 02/21/2005 (Depression)
A Matter Of Time 02/21/2005 (Anger)
Heartless 02/21/2005 (Depression)
Tables Reversed 02/21/2005 (Anger)
I Just Can't 02/21/2005 (Depression)
Lifelong Coma 02/21/2005 (Death - longing for)
I'm Sorry 02/21/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Me 02/21/2005 (Self Discovery)
Daily Routine 02/21/2005 (Cutting)
Drenched 02/21/2005 (Cutting)
I Wish.. 02/21/2005 (Depression)
Untold Anger 02/21/2005 (Anger)
Down Came The Tears - Incy
Wincy Spider
02/21/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Beli'yal 02/21/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
The Lady Of The Lake 02/21/2005 (Gothic)
The Meaning Of 'fun' 02/21/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Who Am I? 02/21/2005 (Self Searching)
Runaway 2 02/08/2005 (Anger)
Runaway 1 02/08/2005 (Hopelessness)
And Off Came The Rose-tinted
02/08/2005 (Depression)
I Must Be Dreaming 02/08/2005 (Hopelessness)
Existence 02/08/2005 (Anger)
Fortress Of Fear 02/08/2005 (Fear)

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