Poems by Category :- Cutting

A Cut Too Deep - Mike A Familiar Story - Missy
A Feeling Within - Manny A Slice Of Life - Leah06
All I Have Left To Do Now - dark3nstar Alone - La_LonLey_Dreamer
Am I Inside? - Taylor James An Accident - LinzAy
Another Day - Dani Artist - Tzuhsi
As I Lay Dying - Battle Within - Shan
Because Of You... - mArLeNe Beneath These Sleeves - mArLeNe
Black Pain - Angel On The Edge Black Pain:part 2 - Angel On The Edge
Blade 2 - Christian V Blood Is Dripping - Taylor James
Blood Is The Cure - Mike Blood With My Own Hands - Baselle
Bloodlust - Mike Bloody Blades - Demon
Bottom Again - Jackie C Broken Release - Fallen_Angel
Command - Tzuhsi Crimson Lines - Tzuhsi
Crimson Rain - Tzuhsi Crimson Smiles - Vampyr Lost In Love
Crying - Tzuhsi Cut - Ryan
Cut To Deep - Puddin 2 Cutters, Behold - ShyHeart
Cutting - Mandy Steder Daily Routine - Mike
Dead Thoughts - Mike Dear Cutting - Vampyr Lost In Love
Decisions - BrOoKiE Decoration - Holly
Deeper - Anna Banana Deepest Cut Of All - Seizure
Depressing Loveletter - Cookey Destiny - Sara*
Discolorations Of Skin - Tzuhsi Do You Know - Mere
Don't Feed The Dark - Mental Drenched - Mike
Dying For It - Mere Face To Face - XX
Find Away - Amber H For Now - Morgan
Getting Too Far From Reality - dark3nstar Ghost - The Lost Girl
Ghosts Of Yesterday - Mike Gone Forever - Razors Blood
Goodbye - Haiku 10 - Elizabeth Squires
Happiness In A Cut - Tzuhsi Heaven's Cry - The Lost Girl
Hidden - Brandi How Can This Be So Wrong? - dark3nstar
How Deep? - Dani Hypotheticly Speaking - The Lost Girl
Hysteria - Forgotton Sorrows I Cut - Tzuhsi
I Cut - Demon I Died - Crimson Angel
I Must Know - Senko I Say Art And Beauty - Vampyr Lost In Love
I Want - Tzuhsi I Will Never Regret - Danielle W
I'll Never Stop - Megan I'll Still Be Me When Tomorrow Comes - Vampyr Lost In Love
Imagenary Love - Fallen_Angel In My Corner - Kiari
Is Your Answer No? - The Lost Girl Its Never Enough - TrueLife
Last Night - Tzuhsi Life - Barbara Goodhew
Love Me - EarthFire Make A Fist - Tzuhsi
Masterpiece - Tzuhsi Maybe One Day - The Lost Girl
Me - Anna Banana Meaningless - The Lost Girl
Memory - Tzuhsi More To It Than Just Me - Mere
My Addiction - Faye My Daily Routine - BrOoKiE
My Days Are About To End - Vampyr Lost In Love My Friend - Batafish22
My Friend Cuts! - Britney My Immortal, My Despair - La_LonLey_Dreamer
My Last Breath - Tzuhsi No Longer Me - Tzuhsi
No One Notices, Speak Up - The Lost Girl No Right To Judge - The Lost Girl
Not My Friends, A Stranger - The Lost Girl One Last Cut - dark3nstar
One Last Time - Only Now.. - Taylor James
Only The Knife - Mere Pages Of Truth - Mike
Pain - Marie Pain - Vampyr Lost In Love
Pain Is Pain - Mike Razorblade Lullaby - RainFlyer8
Reality Check? - Taylor James Red Flood - Mike
Relief - Mike Remeberance - Jackie C
River Of Red - Laura Van Sickle Scared For The First Time - Tzuhsi
Scars - Kimberlee Scars - Tzuhsi
Self Destruction - Angel In Tears Sharp Pain - Mere
Skin My Canvas - Tzuhsi Slit In My Wrist - Mental
Smile! - Mike Snip, Snip, Like Scissors - Ben Franklin
Sorrow - Forgotton Sorrows Speaking Conscience - mArLeNe
Star Light - Tzuhsi Stop! - Mike
Story Of The Scars - Vampyr Lost In Love Strong Feelins - Korie Poleo
Suicidal Symphony - Mike Take Your Words - The Lost Girl
The Cutting Game - Seizure The Last Weeks - Your Melody
The Other Day - Skorpion The Reason For Your Tears - mArLeNe
The Story Of My Life - Home -3 - Mike The Truth Of A Cutter - Mary F
This High Doesn't Last - The Lost Girl This Is Me - Tzuhsi
Un Willing - Series100 Unholy Scars - Fallen_Angel
Untitled - Korie Poleo Used By The Knife - Kadhir
Want To Be Left Alone - Danielle W Weep The Weep Of No Tomorrow - The Lost Girl
What Are You Waiting For - Morgan What's Mine - Mere
Where's The Person - The Lost Girl Why Should I Stop - Anna Banana
Wish To Throw Away - Shan With This Knife - Vampyr Lost In Love
Without You - Em You Do Not Want To Feel Like This - Em
You Saw - Mere You Were My Last Thought - Em

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